Healing Trauma through Breathwork

With Rebecca Dennis

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. I am so excited to share this week’s episode with you. I’m speaking with Rebecca Dennis, an international author, a coach and workshop leader who provides formidable space for transformation.

She is on a mission to teach as many people as possible the absolute power within each one of us that comes with our ability to breathe consciously and with awareness in a connected, aligned and integrated way.

In this episode, Rebecca and I focus on healing trauma through the breath, and we speak about how fundamentally important it is right now, in such challenging times, to be able to learn how to breathe.

The breath is something that is already available in every single one of us. Unfortunately, more often than not, we do not know how to breathe properly, certainly not consciously and in an empowered way.

In this episode, Rebecca and I speak about how we can use the breath in order to empower ourselves, and also to heal trauma triggers and old wounds that are coming up.

If there was ever something to discover at this time in people’s lives, it’s to discover that they have this gift, which is their breath, that is available all the time and it’s right here.

You can check out Rebecca’s audible book titled Breathe to help you on your breathwork journey. This beautiful book is a guide packed with the very foundations of Rebecca’s teachings to support you with your breathwork practice.

Keep an eye out for Rebecca’s published book that is coming out in June 2021 called Let it Go, which is a book about the human experience.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I always love to hear from you so please do let me know if this subject has resonated with you and provided you with a new insight into the gift of your breath.

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  • How can we use our breath to create healing.
  • Empowering people to have a deep inner knowing where they can really listen to the sound or the feeling of their own intuition, because no one can teach you intuition. Only you can experience that – as a voice, a feeling, a sound or a sense.
  • Self-love and self-empowerment when you breathe consciously.
  • How children naturally know how to breathe – being so present as they have no fear or embarrassment. The breath is just open and flowing in the present.
  • How our different experiences that come with conditions and instructions start causing little traumas in us on a mental, physical or emotional level.
  • How the different rhythm of patterns in our breaths are changing with different experiences and all the microscopic little muscles in our body contract and memorise different experiences.
  • Listening to the different parts of the body where the breath is held or stuck – it might be the jaw, throat, neck, solar plexus etc.
  • To live freely, there is uncomfortableness to experience first.
  • Coming back to your breath and to live free, is coming out of survival mode and letting go of various coping mechanisms.