5 Powerful Questions To Dissolve Triggers & Transform

Any human being experiences triggers. We may not be conscious of it and it has nothing to do with whether we are good or bad or whether we have done the work or not – as part of being human we will have experiences where we are triggered.

A trigger is when something in the present (it can be anything from a smell, a look, a word etc) has any kind of similarities to a point in your past that is unhealed and inside of you. The sameness triggers what’s already inside of you and you will find yourself having an absolute identical repetition of the unhealed wound from my past. It often feels like it is about the person or current situation but what is happening has already been there waiting to be reactivated.

I want to show you how to eradicate any stigmas about triggers and highlight that there’s nothing wrong about being triggered. The only distinction is whether we are aware of the triggers or whether we are unconscious about them, which means that we are being lived by our triggers.

As Carl Jung says, Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

I am here to guide you to become conscious of your triggers and when they are activated, to consciously remove yourself from the situation to gift yourself the time and attention that your unhealed wound is needing from you. This is the process of healing and maturation.

If you are willing to make these 2 commitments:

I promise you that you will go through profound growth and healing with this conscious exercise that offers you the chance to sit with your triggers, heal them and allow you to come back to the present to see clearly without the veil of the unhealed wound.

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I offer you a 5 question process to give you an opportunity to break  out of the grip of the past and start coming home to who you truly are: