Shamanism: In A Modern World

Ya’Acov is someone who has been in my world since I came into recovery from my addictions around 20 years ago. He is the founder of Movement Medicine and is the best selling author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart and the brilliant new book Shaman Invoking Power, Purpose and Presence in the Core of Who You Are.

Ya’Acov is absolutely committed to the embodiment and integration of the wisdom and teachings from shamanism and how we can bring this into our everyday lives.

In this episode, Ya’Acov and I dive deeply into the practice of initiation, the process and commitment to bringing shamanism, its teachings and wisdom into our everyday lives and how that can serve us right now.

You can check out Ya’Acov’s resources on where him and his wife have created a number of free courses for self-study to deal with the feelings coming up during the pandemic. He is also offering a membership at a very low cost where teachings and live online workshops are on offer during this time.

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    • How can we begin to educate ourselves and our children about something that is already inside of us
    • Life is a series of initiations all the way through to death and right now, we are in a time of collective initiation of really having to face things that we haven’t had to face before
    • We are a creative part of an extraordinary creative universe and we have a role to play.
    • Getting through these times by bringing together the best of all wisdom, whether it’s scientific, therapeutic, spiritual, emotional.
    • How education plays a key role in teaching us how to use all these brilliant ways of seeing how we can be in a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, with each other, across tribes, cultures and different belief systems.
    • The crucial need for us to start listening – as basic as learning to talk is learning to listen.
    • How to move with fear and be a vessel for the fear to move through us through dance, breath and movement instead of freezing up in fright.
    • We also take a close look at shamanism and why there’s so much mistrust around it.