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Discover the Infinite Potential of Being You

Welcome to this powerful space. A space for deep healing and transformation. To live your life from a higher level of possibility, potential and freedom. To becoming who you were always born to be. Welcome home.

Meet Nicky

Ask yourself this: Who could you be?

My purpose here is to walk you through the powerful journey back home to your truest self. Where you will discover, embody and align with the infinite potential that already lies within you. For you to come home to being. Beyond your past, beyond your story.

The power within

I am a Master Maturation Coach & Teacher, Integrative Counsellor, and Shamanic Healer, expert in human behaviour, healing trauma on a bodymind level, trained and qualified in ontology, five elements healing, chinese medicine, somatic trauma healing and breathwork. I am also a mamma to two children, a Programme Leader, a published Hay House Author, and a CEO.

My job with you is not to show you who you are but to help you release and dissolve all that you are not, so that who you truly are can birth through. I have been doing this now for over 20 years and I have seen over and over again how immensely powerful we human beings are. This is you. You have this power and potential in you. And you are here now to remember this so you can embody it and live it.

Infinite possibility awaits

As human beings we have so much more potential than most can imagine. Our ability to create reality is infinite. I trust you are ready now to embark on this deep transformational journey where you will discover the world you are getting is given to you from the past story you have come from. You will discover a whole world of possibility for you. One where you can thrive, lead and be fulfilled by your life in a way you can only imagine.

Finding your freedom

Creating limitations, blocks and restrictions is keeping you stuck and separate from who I know you truly are. Our work together is to dissolve every aspect of where your past is still limiting your world today, so you can finally become free. Free of your past story. Free of limitation itself.

To be infinite is to have no limitations, to experience oneself as formless, boundless, limitless space. This is who you truly are and the potential that awaits you when you can create your life from here is calling you.

Over the past two decades I have developed the BodyMind Maturation Method™ where we work with you on every level to heal, and become free right at the very root—and from the root.

Is now your time?

This work is powerful, this work takes courage and it is not for everyone. But I don’t want it to be. This work is for those of you who are ready to live a much more full, abundant, empowered and accomplished life in every single area. And if you are ready, I am ready to walk you through this journey.

Welcome to this powerful, sacred space.
Welcome home.


Break Free of your past. Embody your power. Live beyond your story.

Start living your life with an abundance of energy, possibility, peace, contentment, freedom and wholeness.

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One of the deepest trainings in the world. If being a container for helping human beings heal at the root level and evolve in consciousness, and you're ready to embody the leader you were born to be, then this training is for you.

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“Nicky’s wisdom is what this new generation of wellness-seekers actually needs. She reminds us that beyond the external hype and chaos of living our ‘best lives’, a greater peace and contentment comes from going within. Nicky is the guide that we’ve all been looking for, and she’s only just getting started.”

Lauren Armes

By Nicky Clinch

By Nicky Clinch

I’m so excited to share with you my new book, SURRENDER: Break Free of Your Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story.

This book will walk you through a powerful life-changing journey of self-love and transformational surrender. I teach you how to access the power within you, dissolve the internal suffering of your mind and release all that you are carrying that you are NOT, so that you can come home to your Authentic Self and Live Beyond Your Story.

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