Safety, Sensuality, Surrender

Michaela Boehm is a world-renowned relationship intimacy and sexuality expert and is the creator of The Non Linear Movement Method®, a somatic release modality which utilises principles of trauma therapy, polyvagal theory and movement for nervous system regulation. Michaela was also educated in a female held Tantric Shakta tradition (Kashmir Shaivism). Mentored by her female teacher, she is now the lineage holder of this tradition and dedicated to passing these teachings on to the women she mentors.

During the recent COVID crisis, Michaela has pivoted her mission to online teaching to support people through emotional, health and relational challenges.

In this episode, we discuss how the pandemic has forced us to engage in examining our inner world. What we’ve previously used to fill our lives and our time has been removed, and many of us have had to face our whole selves and our relationships head-on for the first time.

For the first time in a LONG time, we are all having to face our shadow and examine the parts of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge, the parts that are raw and painful. The parts that we don’t want to show to anyone, not even ourselves.

For many of us, lockdowns have put our closest relationships under a microscope. We’ve had to adapt to staying indoors, not travelling and being with our partners a lot more than usual and this isn’t easy.

Michaela and I share how you can learn to find a new flow in your marriage or partnership by reclaiming your power and providing yourself with an unwavering base of self-love and self-trust.

Being at home has shown many of us how dependent we are on validation from our partners, our jobs, our social lives and our hobbies. Now we are being called to shift the lens through which we view our lives and our purpose, and to understand that your self-worth must come from within.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode.

I hope we have helped you to realise that your pleasure and sense of self-worth comes from within. You hold the keys to your own satisfaction and happiness.

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