How To Align With Your Purpose: Living From The Heart

All of the experiences and collective memories inside of our minds are steeped in the past. The whole nature of vision and dreaming is about expanding and growing beyond the limitations of our minds. To step into our expansive futures, we need to learn to move beyond our comfort zones and be willing to face our fear without judgement.

It’s about learning to envision something that doesn’t yet exist and realising that it is within our power to pursue it. If you can dream it, it can happen.  As humans, we are programmed to want to stay in our comfort zones where things feel safe. We like to know how things will turn out, and it is often the fear of the unknown that prevents us from ever pursuing our wildest dreams.

What we think we know in our minds keeps us “safe”, so dreaming and visioning can only happen in the heart. Because in the heart, there is no story, no limits and no memories, only spaciousness and stillness.

In Chinese medicine, the heart is known as the house of all answers and the seat of consciousness and truth. There is no language or conditioning, only truth. The heart isn’t concerned with understanding. It just is interested in flying and soaring beyond what we deem as safe towards our deepest desires.

If you already have a picture in your mind of how you want life to be, you aren’t dreaming. You are planning! There is a time and a place for being organised and planning the life you want, but that is not how you will achieve your biggest dreams and most powerful visions.

In order to fly, you must be willing to take that first step into the unknown. The number one thing that prevents people from listening to their heart is that nagging inner voice saying “You don’t know how to get there, it’s not safe”. It’s this not knowing and sense of fear that kills so many of our  dreams.

The beauty of leading a heart centred life is daring to step into the unknown and create something from nothing. To be a visionary who can build something that doesn’t yet exist.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, I am so honoured to have you here.  I am so grateful that you are committed to doing the work of maturation alongside me and I hope this episode spoke to your heart. It’s where your magic lies.

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