My Journey With Plant Medicine & Psychedelics – Part 2

This episode begins ten years on from my initial experience with plant medicine.  For ten years, I truly believed that my relationship with ayahuasca had finished after my first trip to Peru. I had learned so much and had such a profound awakening and experience with aya, but it had also been extremely challenging. The hours of purging, facing my dark night of the soul and the deep, unrelenting introspection was a lot, and I felt certain I could close that door for good.

That was until one day, ten years later, when I was driving, and a song came on from a CD I had purchased in Peru. The music awoke something in me, and I just knew, “I need to go back to the jungle.”Once again, I heard the call of plant medicine loud and clear.

Suddenly, everywhere I turned, these messages kept appearing, each one telling me that I needed to sit with ayahuasca and listen to her teachings again. I received a serendipitous email from my dear friend Emma Cannon about an alignment master training in the Amazon for healers. The incredible Gabor Mate was hosting the retreat, and I knew immediately that I needed to be there.

In this episode, I share what I learned in these ayahuasca ceremonies and how I healed my most profound trauma through the power of plant medicine. Through these lessons, my marriage was given new life, my self-worth renewed, and I was finally able to heal at the tap root of my pain and genuinely love myself.

Thank you so much for listening to Part 2 of my Plant Medicine Journey. Psychedelics and plant medicines have changed my life in such a profound way, and I hope that as soon as the borders open again, I can return to the rainforest and continue this powerful maturation work.

If you want to experience plant medicine, I encourage you to work with the right people who lead with integrity and pure intentions. These plants aren’t a  game. They are tremendously powerful teachers. Approach them with an open heart, a desire to learn and complete humility. If you do so, they will treat you well and serve your deeper maturation.

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