My Emigration During A Pandemic

The emigration process reaffirmed what I already knew but at some times resisted which is learning how to let go. Despite all of the roadblocks and detours that occurred while trying to make this move happen, I continued to be led by intention. I also share how in the process of 5 years my entire life (and marriage) had to change in order to allow this process of alignment to occur.

I share intimately about the stories I personally had to shift in my own self around money, work, love, possibility and how I did that.  And how much none of it ever made ‘sense’ in my mind yet felt absolutely right within me.

This episode is a message of hope for those of you who are still learning to listen to life and figure out how to live beyond your limiting beliefs and story.

Thank you so much for listening to this SOLO episode, it was a true joy recording it for you and I hope you find this message rich and meaningful.

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