Healing Trauma Through Breathwork

In this episode, Rebecca and I focus on healing trauma through the breath, and we speak about how fundamentally important it is right now, in such challenging times, to be able to learn how to breathe.

The breath is something that is already available in every single one of us. Unfortunately, more often than not, we do not know how to breathe properly, certainly not consciously and in an empowered way.

In this episode, Rebecca and I speak about how we can use the breath in order to empower ourselves, and also to heal trauma triggers and old wounds that are coming up.

If there was ever something to discover at this time in people’s lives, it’s to discover that they have this gift, which is their breath, that is available all the time and it’s right here.

You can check out Rebecca’s audible book titled Breathe to help you on your breathwork journey. This beautiful book is a guide packed with the very foundations of Rebecca’s teachings to support you with your breathwork practice.

Keep an eye out for Rebecca’s published book that is coming out in June 2021 called Let it Go, which is a book about the human experience.

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