Five Steps To Radical Self Love

Last week I woke up feeling empty, exhausted and so drained, to the point that I could feel the effects were impacting upon  my whole outlook on life.  I realised I had stopped seeing any possibility and wasn’t  appreciating  any of the good in my life.  Instead I had become focused  on what was triggering me and how I was being lived by my stories. It felt painful to realise this, but at the same time it was a gift;  a moment of real clarity. I uncovered a deep  awareness of how much we all shame and judge ourselves if we aren’t feeling happy or positive. 

We live in a world where a constant state of happiness is the ultimate goal. So much so that  feeling any negative emotion can often trigger a sense of failure and shame.  If we aren’t feeling happy something must be wrong, there must be  something we need to fix. This is apparent almost everywhere. Increasingly we are being sold an incredibly narrow picture of the  “ideal” way to live. Social media, the internet, magazines and ads are selling us the same story.  It tells us we are not enough. That we need to be  prettier, more successful, happier. We need to buy more and we need to be more.

But this picture we are being sold is not the truth and it is diminishing our ability to be with and accept the full spectrum and beauty of our feelings. 

Over the past few years, the conversation surrounding weight and body image has begun to change  and challenge the way we have historically measured beauty and worth. Until now we have been fed a similarly limited  narrative about what it means to live a happy life and how we should be living as human beings. We need to challenge this narrative that tells us  if we aren’t happy all of the time, then we are somehow “doing” life wrong. 

 In this episode, I explore how to radically love and accept yourself so that you can allow and BE with all of your feelings without shame or judgement.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, I am so grateful that you are committed to doing the work of maturation alongside me. You are allowed to have low moments, and you deserve to FEEL it all, without judging yourself or telling yourself that these feelings are bad or wrong. 

When we are able to give it to ourselves, our radical self-love is what heals us when we are willing to give it to ourselves. 

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