Honouring 2020 – Letting Go, Healing Deep & Growing Big

I knew that I wanted this episode to go DEEP, and that I needed a guest who could uncover the valuable lessons we can take forward from the events of the past year. It is so important that we not only acknowledge the many obstacles we have all faced, but also take time to celebrate our wins and the moments of joy and connection. This is an opportunity for us to appreciate what we can learn from our biggest challenges, and how these shifts can contribute to  our evolution.

I couldn’t think of a better person to share this with than the incredible Tamu Thomas. Tamu is a somatic coach and entrepreneur as well as being a soulful, powerful, honest, heartfelt and truly authentic black woman.

It’s so important for us all to take the time to process and make sense of this crazy year and closeout 2020 with wholeness and completion. The intention being that we can move into the new year with an open heart and a feeling of peace and safety. In order to do this we must FEEL it all.

What we resist persists and what we don’t feel fully can become stuck in our hearts, bodies and souls. An integral part of ceremony is facing and honouring what has been so that we can then release what we have been holding on to that no longer serves us.

Learning how to ground ourselves, soften and bring awareness into our bodies is key for healing. When we are living from a place of survival we limit our opportunities for allowing this healing. We need to create space, stillness and drop much more deeply into our bodies.

Tamu and I share our own challenges from this year and how we have grown through them. If you can allow yourself to sit with your experiences  and feel all of your emotions, even the darkest most painful ones, you create the possibility to alchemise those experiences. Your hard times really can become an opportunity for enormous growth.

Please take the time to ask yourself some of the questions we discussed in this episode about what you can take away from this year. How have you moved through the challenges that 2020 has brought into your life to grow and further your maturation? I want to know!

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