Growing Beyond Comfortability: We Can Do Hard Things

Since the onset of this pandemic, everything feels heightened. I feel I’ve recently experienced a vast metamorphosis and I’m just beginning to come out the other side. It’s like another part of me has disintegrated, and now I am seeing things from a new place. I am waking up to the insanity of how we are currently  existing as human beings.

We are living in a world where what we are taught to celebrate and promote and aspire to , is often out of alignment with what is true and heartfelt.

The stories and narratives  our society celebrates are based on competition, comparison and judgement. Our egos become addicted to the drama and adrenaline.  We crave it, and without it we lose interest. It’s how our 24 hour news cycle operates; it’s why gossip magazines are in every supermarket, and it’s why online comment sections  are becoming a source of so much conflict. 

How have we become a culture where we only want to be around people who think the same as us? There is a reason why confirmation bias makes us feel so good – it reaffirms and reinforces our beliefs. We feel validated when people agree with us.

Anything that challenges our worldview and core beliefs can feel like a threat and a challenge to our worth. So we can end up only accepting people who continually communicate that we are right in our actions and thoughts, while dismissing anyone else. My way of thinking is right, and your’s is wrong. This polarisation is how our world is currently operating, and this has only been exacerbated by the current pandemic. We don’t want to accept feeling anything other than comfortable and good, but this mindset will not provide fertile ground for growth and evolution.

In this episode, I explore how we can lean into discomfort and prove to ourselves that we can do hard things. 

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