Why Do We Need To Prove Ourselves?

Suzy has been an integral part of the expansion of my business and the most important thing she has taught me is to always remember who I am. This week we will be looking at why so many of us constantly feel the need to prove ourselves. This is a topic that EVERYONE will be able to relate to and I’d love to know what you think and whether you have any insights or aha moments.

The energy of not feeling enough and wanting to manipulate the way others see us is such a common concern. How often have you been in a situation when you feel “less than’ the people around you? Wanting so much for people to know who you are, what you are about and that what you have to say is important. But then not recognising or feeling aligned with this version of yourself that you are presenting?

These personas that we create in order to feel as if we belong are coming from a place of survival; they drain our energy and life force. Because when we come from a place of needing to prove ourselves, we are actually creating a separation rather than a connection. This separation is a mirror of the separation between your true, authentic self and what you are presenting to the world.

Individually and as a collective we are going through a realisation that these versions of ourselves that we are presenting to the world no longer fit. We are beginning to see that there is another way for us to be.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I always love to hear from you so please do let me know if this subject has resonated with you and provided a sense of possibility of a new of being. healing is accessible to you.

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