You Are the Medicine

With Emma Cannon

Welcome to an extraordinary episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast with my soul sister, transformation partner, medicine woman, and beautiful best friend, Emma Cannon. It was an absolute joy to be able to sit down and record this episode with such an incredible healer, and the insights that I gained from our conversation were profoundly transformative, and I hope they will be for you as well.

Emma Cannon is a Master Acupuncturist in her field of fertility and has helped hundreds if not thousands of women get pregnant in circumstances where they were told that wasn’t possible. She’s opened up doorways for life to be born for SO MANY WOMEN. 

She is also a medicine woman and wise teacher, and I am privileged to have her as my friend.

Today’s episode is something special as Emma recently received the terrible news that her breast cancer had returned and since then she has been on a journey of treatment and healing and awakening. Not only was Emma told that her cancer had returned, but she was also made aware that it had spread to her brain. There was a time this year where we thought she only had a few weeks to live. 

And in true Emma Cannon way, she has faced it with such courage and power, navigating through the whole process as if it were a medicine and transformational process. Hearing Emma teach and speak about Surrender is worthwhile for anyone to hear.

She has so much wisdom to share, and I am so grateful she allowed me the chance to sit with her. 

In this episode, Emma is sharing it all. Her heart and vulnerability, her wisdom, and what it means to surrender and let go of who we think we are to come home to our highest self.

This week’s episode shows you that everything can be medicine and how you are the medicine you so desperately seek. Emma’s courage, heart, and wisdom are on full magnificent display in this episode, and her friendship is the medicine I never knew I needed. 

I hope this podcast can give you strength in difficult situations and help you find that medicine that already exists inside of you to help you heal and grow. 

I would be so grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes, and we can share this message of healing and wholeness with as many people as possible.


  • Emma shares what it truly means to surrender and let go of what you think your life was meant to look like so that you can embrace what is. 
  • Why letting go of our physical appearance is a brave and necessary step to personal evolution. 
  • How we are the medicine and healing that we so desperately seek and how out of illness and facing her own mortality, she felt more alive than ever. 
  • Through illness and having her cancer return, Emma was able to heal childhood wounds and fears. She learned to let go and receive and allow others to hold her. 
  • Why accepting help isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of immense strength and courage. 
  • We speak about what medicine truly is from both a western perspective and a more spiritual perspective and how embracing chemotherapy with love allowed Emma to heal deeply by being one with the medicine.