How We Can Access JOY

In this episode, Shannon shares how living with a spirit of joy and happiness is a conscious choice that is available to all of us  each day. When we can align with who we truly are, we all have the potential to live as this expression of love and we can demonstrate what living from a place of love looks like for the rest of the world. Shannon also shares how we can learn to navigate and move through fear, so it doesn’t limit us but instead allows us to flourish. 

Everybody is living their own experience of Covid-19 and the accompanying  lockdowns and restrictions through their own lens. However, we have the opportunity to experience this as sitting in ceremony together. 

Shannon embodies the beliefs that joy comes when we let go of expectations, co-create our own reality alongside source, and accept the reality of others even if  it doesn’t match our own. Through surrender and going inward to uncover what it is that serves  our highest good, we can choose to live from a place of joy. 

When we live from a place of fear we lower our vibration and remain stuck in the past, but we need to release the judgement we place on our negative emotions. Shame, fear, hate, anger, sadness  and frustration all serve a purpose, and if we can give ourselves permission to feel these emotions fully wee create space for these feelings be transmuted through us, rather than getting stuck. these emotions have the power to become direct channels to our higher self. 

You can find joy in silence, joy in the present moment, and joy in the simple act of connection with another human soul. In this episode, Shannon and I explore what living in joy looks like, and how we ourselves can bring joy into our everyday life, rather than seeking it from  others.

Thank you so much for listening to this powerful and joy filled episode. Shannon is an extraordinary soul who has been named one of the top 100 Women to Watch by Mind Body Green, and I definitely agree!

When you realise that you can be the creator of your own destiny and happiness, that is when you can fully step into your power and live a life of limitless possibilities. I hope this episode gives you the confidence and the tools to help you go out and live in love.   

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