Transformational Communication in Relationship

With Kevin Helas

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. Thank you for tuning in to listen to this episode where I sit with my husband Kevin to speak about communication in relationships.

We talk about all the areas which block our ability to communicate, to hear, to listen to each other and how to be able to have a certain kind of communication that creates life, love and feeds the relationship so it can thrive.

We tend to get into relationships with an expectation around communication based on our own personal childhood experiences. However, we discuss the possibility of communication with such peace, freedom and nourishment that there’s no need to hide any part of ourselves, including where we are coming from.


  • We speak about the different layers of communication in relationship
  • How our childhood experiences create certain unconscious expectations in our communication as adults that affect the relationship
  • How important it is to bring conscious awareness to our communication so that our partner feels safe enough to fully express themselves and disentangle the mechanical expectations of communication from what is actually being said in the present moment
  • The polarity between masculine and feminine and the dance to navigate those dynamics in a relationship
  • We all have our shadow sides but when we bring consciousness to our own and our partner’s programming, we can become so much more compassionate and considerate of the other person, instead of being judgmental
  • How the commitment to be in a loving enquiry with the other being creates a spirit of partnership coming from conscious awareness