Surrender Podcast Series - Emmy Brunner

Surrendering the masks and healing codependency

With Emmy Brunner

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery podcast and our Surrender series where I dive deeply into my guests’ greatest points of surrender.

This week I am joined by the wonderful Emmy Brunner. Emmy is a Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, CEO of The Recover Clinic, Author and Speaker. Her work focuses on dynamic and ambitious women and inspiring them to reconnect to their true selves.


In this episode Emmy talks about growing up in a family dynamic that meant she found her role as a healer or fixer. In line with this she trained as a psychotherapist, but her experience was that her clinical training didn’t really give her the tools to create real shifts for her clients. It was only when she continued to do the work on herself and saw how much of a role people’s reactions to trauma and the stories they subsequently created were fuelling their struggles that true healing became possible.

Emmy reached the point where she was tired of fighting to survive and realised that she needed to let go and surrender. When we resist what is and try to avoid the pain of our realities, we actually cement them even further. By surrendering we create the opportunity for a new possibility to unfurl.

If you too feel ready to re-create your relationships or your life by breaking free of old patterns on a holistic level, across mind, body and soul, I invite you to order my book SURRENDER.

SURRENDER will walk you through a life changing process of maturation. Of breaking free of the vicious cycle of repeated stuck patterns, stories and belief systems, trauma and ancestral wounds.

It’s more than just a book. It’s a guide through a deep healing journey of SURRENDERING of who you are NOT so that you can unfurl into who you were BORN TO BE.

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  • Although as humans we can be very different, beneath the surface we all have the same struggles, the same feelings and the same needs. We’ve all just been trying to survive.
  • We all have 3 versions of ourselves: the one we want to project to the world, the one we don’t want anyone to see and the one we truly are beyond all of the stories.
  • When we realise how much we share with others it can heal our feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • In the moment we say no more to something in our lives that has not been serving us, we simultaneously are saying yes to something else. These are pivotal moments when we step outside of our survival patterns.
  • As we become more conscious we are able to listen beyond the noise of our minds and tune into a deeper knowing. When you can trust and be with yourself you can birth a completely new way of being.