Living Beyond the Story

With Dr. David Norris

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast, I am honoured to have you here. This week’s guest is somebody you’ve heard me speak of often, my mentor and teacher, Dr. David Norris. In this episode we discuss what is the culture of Being Human, How this is impacting how we are being in the world and keeping us in Survival and what freedom becomes possible when we are able to truly Live beyond your story.

Dr. David Norris is a master maturation facilitator and has led seminars all over the world for the last fifty years across many cultures. He is a truly remarkable man who has taught me so much and is the most instrumental teacher to me in my own process of maturation.

It is the unconscious and unexamined assumptions about the way the world is and the way we live in the world that is the true nature of maturation and what David and my work is all about. 

Through learning how to penetrate the invisibility of our assumptions, making them visible enough so that we’re not automatically driven by them, we open up so much freedom to our relationship to living. 

We dive deep into sharing what it truly means to live beyond the story.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, I am so grateful that you are committed to doing the work of maturation. There is no end point or goal or level of “enlightenment” to reach, it’s a constant process of making the choice to step out of “me” and the character that you are living in. 

There is so much beauty to be found in the constant evolution of the soul. 

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  • You will learn the difference between surviving your life and truly living it. 
  • We will show what this thing is called your story and the character you identify yourself with and how that is creating your reality and what you think of as being your reality. 
  • Share how the “truth” you think you’ve been living in isn’t your reality at all but simply a mirror of the stories you have been identifying with your whole life.
  • How you can start becoming free of this restrictive narrative and the “me” inside of you to live with more freedom to be who you truly are.
  • Unravel the truth behind why you keep repeating the same unproductive patterns in your life and how to break free from that cycle to live beyond just survival but to live with freedom.