Freedom From Suffering

All people when asked if they want to be free will of course say a resounding “YES”, but nobody truly understands what is required. 

We are commonly conditioned to resist, fix or escape the human experiences that rise within us in an attempt to be happy or feel better, whilst striving to fit the pictures in our minds of who we  SHOULD be and how we SHOULD feel.  But running from our experiences is the very root to enormous suffering.

It’s so easy to create an entire life and identity searching for that ONE THING that will make us feel whole and worthy of love. But in doing so we are rejecting who we are, where we are and how we feel right now creating a deeper cavern of unworthiness.

I make the bold statement in this episode that 100% of our suffering comes from our rejection and our resistance to the human experience we are having in the present.

Thank you so much for listening to my first SOLO episode, it was a true joy recording it for you and I hope you find this message rich and meaningful. 

Learning to be comfortable with uncertainty is perhaps the most challenging thing we as humans can do in this life and I applaud you for learning more about how to do so with love and compassion for yourself.  

You are enough, you have always been enough and I hope this podcast can be a stepping stone on your road to transformation. 

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