How To Have A Conscious Transformational Relationship

Gaining awareness over these blind spots will shift the context in which you will see the ‘problems’ that show up for you in relationship and to uncover these 3 blind spots to bring them into consciousness.  We cannot heal what we cannot see and so uncovering these blind spots opens up the possibility to heal and transform at a very deep level.   

The first blind spot is we tend to think the core life incidents that happened during our childhood are in the past, and therefore it’s all gone now and won’t get in our way today. But this is untrue. As I teach on this blind spot I speak about the nature of how past experiences are stored in the brain that cannot distinguish the difference between past and present. Causing us to repeat experiences and patterns around intimacy from the past, right here in our present.   

The second blind spot is the experience we have of ourselves in adult relationships directly mirrors the original experience and understanding of intimacy we had with our mothers in childhood. Decades later as adults, if we haven’t done the work on our past wounds and stories, we will find the imprint of our childhood relationship with our mothers living our lives. 

The third blind spot is the relationship itself is its own entity. There are the two people and the relationship itself, which is happening simultaneously. The relationship is evolving and moving in unity with how each person is reacting to the other person’s trigger within the relationship. Each partner cannot help but show up exactly how the other experiences intimacy.

As Eckhart Tolle says, the purpose of a relationship is not to make each other happy – it’s for spiritual transformation. If we are able to bring consciousness to our relationship and use it as a tool for our evolution and maturation, we will experience the greatest gift of love and intimacy.  

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