Transforming Fear

With Nicky Clinch

Welcome to the next solo episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast where I speak about a topic that affects every human being. I speak to you about fear – one of the most dominant aspects of human nature that has the ability to completely block and disempower us. 

If we allow fear to make our decisions, we will be destabilised and disconnected from our truth. Fear can block any kind of change in our lives.

One of the biggest misconceptions that I’ve noticed is that many believe that if we do enough work on ourselves, enough meditations, breathwork, classes etc – then we won’t feel fear anymore. Well, that’s not true. The mindset that there is a magic cure to make fear disappear, that something outside of us can eradicate our fear, is so disempowering as there is a state of survival that accompanies this feeling of trying to find a fix for our fear. 


  • Fear is essentially useful and is a sign that keeps us alert to danger. 
  • Fear is not something that we need to eradicate as it’s deeply ingrained in our DNA for our survival.
  • One main problem that allows fear to guide our decisions is our relationship to fear and if we are unconscious, fear can keep us passive and stuck. 
  • The second problem is very often, our inability to distinguish whether the fear rising in us is from a past memory or if it is attached to the present moment and we react as if it’s happening now. 
  • The solution is not eradicating fear but learning to be aware of and consciously being with the fear moving through us. 
  • Fear is a sign that we are on the edge of real change and if we can transform our relationship to fear, then imagine the incredible number of experiences we’ll be able to create in our lives.