The Wisdom of Nature

With Richard Good

Welcome to the latest episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. Today I’m speaking with Richard Good. Richard has studied the human condition through the acting, healing and martial arts. His relationship with, and love of nature unfolded alongside a deep resonance with the ancient ways carried by men and women from the East and the West who honoured the Earth and all of Life. He has worked at the educational charity called the Eden Project for the last 20 years, the largest rainforest in captivity, in Cornwall UK. 

Richard has recently created a new project called the Imaginal Collective, a network that connects people who are doing work that is having an impact on shifting consciousness, healing the earth and creating a more beautiful world.

In this insightful episode we speak about the innate wisdom of nature and how most humans, mainly from the Western cultures are so profoundly disconnected from nature, when in fact we are nature. Unfortunately the complete disconnect that most societies and cultures have from nature is directly reflected in the problem we have in the world today. 

We go into how the design function of the mind is survival so it will hook onto information that is related to any source of threat, instead of realising that we are energetic flows and when we work and dance with plants and nature, we can embody the same aliveness and regeneration that happens in nature so naturally and majestically.  


  • Expansion of the Eden project across the world, currently in China where a dam is being built and another development coming up in New Zealand. 
  • How most humans identify nature with nouns, as separate from us. We have no sense of nature being alive and how this deeply affects our wellbeing. 
  • Eastern cultures and indigenous tribes describe life using verbs and there’s an aliveness to it – there’s a relationship where people and nature are not separate. 
  • In today’s world, we are guided by the mind when in fact we can be guided by nature as a compass to navigate our path and take action.
  • We speak in depth about the Imaginal Collective and how it offers the possibility for people to be inspired by each other’s’ gifts and visions to then working together to create a better world. 
  • Nature doesn’t compete in crisis – instead it flips and all species collaborate to survive and this is where humanity is right now.