Mar 2, 2016
Natural Healing

Springtime! A time of rebirth and waking up. When literally everything is ‘coming to life’ again. The plants, flowers and grass are shooting up out of the ground, the trees bloom with leaves and baby animals are being born. The days are getting lighter, the weather is getting warmer (kind of) and we begin to feel more alive again.This season is the season of Creativity and New Beginnings!The energy of Spring, this upward, sprouting, vibrant, coming to life, energy of Spring, is pure creative energy and is a time where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be possible.It’s exciting isn’t it!And to utilise this energy in the best possible way we need to get ourselves ready for it!On all levels!Our body, our energy flow, our emotions and our spirit! Really ready! SPRING READY!First, a little background about The Five Elements and how we can use them to give us our full potential.Born out of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Five Elements are a beautiful natural rhythmic cycle of energy or Qi flow, where one element flows into the other and together they create beautiful and complete balance. Just like our seasons! Have any of you heard of them before? I talk about them often in my recipes, social media posts and teachings.These elements represent the natural rhythmic cycle of life, where every element is aligned with a season, a certain food, a particular taste, organs in our body, certain emotions and emotional needs and a flow of energy or Qi. Having an understanding of these elements and how to make use of them in our every day lives, enables us to utilize each season to it’s fullest and create more balance in our health, emotions and overall well being.

The Five Elements

Tree (Spring)
Fire (Summer)
Earth (Early Autumn)
Metal (Autumn)
Water (Winter)

So Spring aligns with The TREE Element!!!! Of course! How could it be anything else.

Spring & The Tree Element

Tree Energy is our Creative Energy, our Individual Self-Expression and Unique Voice.Having good strong flowing Tree Energy means we can be in our creative flow, come up with new ideas, new inspirations, express ourselves clearly and have a clear unique voice.Emotionally it is essential for us to say NO when we need and say what we really need to be saying!Sounds pretty good right! It really is!Every single one of us has such a unique and individual voice and it makes such a difference to our health, our hearts and our spirit when we are using it in the best possible way and in a way that it is fully expressed.  We can have good strong flowing Tree Energy throughout the whole year but the absolute BEST time to kick start it and make the most of it is NOW!This transition between Winter and Spring.  So by the time Spring is 100% here we are literally SPRING READY!Unfortunately if our Tree Energy gets stuck, blocked or stagnant and does not flow it can create very unpleasant health issues and symptoms as well as emotional issues.  Particularly during Spring time.  And this happens relatively often I’m afraid.Here are some of the symptoms of stuck, stagnant Tree Energy:

See, not nice symptoms right.  And trust me I have had very stuck blocked Tree Energy in my life before so I really know that it does not feel good.So how do we get our Tree Energy flowing really well and get SPRING READY?First we need to get our Liver in good shape!  Our Liver is the organ of the Tree Element and our body’s King of Detoxification and Cleansing.  So if ever there was a great time to give our Liver a detox and cleanse all the heaviness of Winter away….. That time is NOW!

Here are my top tips for cleansing our Liver and getting SPRING READY!

I would suggest following these tips for a minimum of 10days to really get the best results.  And you can either do this gently and at your own pace, take what feels right and leave the rest or if you feel up for it give it a good go and go for it! Enjoy!Vegetable Juicing

At least 3-4 times a week. Or if you’re up for it have a juice daily! Use mostly vegetables and make sure you don’t add too much fruit which will boost the sugar content and make your Liver work harder. The Liver’s favourites are: Carrot, Green Apple & Lemon Juice or A Green Juice.Eat plenty of Leafy Greens

Daily if possible. Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Watercress, Spring Greens, Leeks, Watercress & Spring Onions are the Liver’s favourite!Regular Pickles & Sour Tasting Foods

Sour is the taste of the Tree Element and are real Liver lovers. Sauerkraut, Gherkins, Pickles, Lemon Juice, Fermented Foods all great for unblocking stagnant Tree Energy. Try to get even a little on your plate daily.Hot Water & Lemon Every Morning

On first waking! Such a great way to kick start your Liver into gear, ready to rock and roll for the day! This also kickstarts the body’s detoxification process so will help to efficiently digest and detoxify anything you eat afterwardsFoods to Avoid or Reduce

Avoid Meat, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Drugs: Reduce the amount of salt in your food – you don’t need to cut it out just lessen it for a while.

Reduce Eggs to a minimum: Eggs have an incredible amount of strong energy that if consumed too often without regular vigorous exercise can cause stagnation and stuckness in the Liver.

Reduce Alcohol or cut it out completely for a the time you are doing the cleanse to really give your Liver a break.Daily Movement

To help the Liver detox all stagnant energy. This can be vigorous or gentle. Listen to your body and feel what’s best each day, but try and move no matter what each day for at least 30 minutes.Body Scrubbing

Use a wet hot flannel and vigorously rub all over your body in long firm strokes, always directing the movement towards your heart. Rub until the skin becomes red (but not hurting of course) which is when it’s time to stop. This is such a great way to detox and stimulate stuck energy and toxins and will leave you feeling amazing!Lighter Cooking Styles

Start cutting down on the long slow cooking and start using lighter cooking styles. It is probably still too soon to eat too much raw but we can now find the middle ground. Stir-frys, steaming, blanching, massaging, pickling, a little raw.Don’t Eat After 7pm

Eat your lightest meal for dinner and don’t eat past 7pm to give your Liver a good rest throughout the night. This will also help you sleep much better and feel more energetic and clear in the morning.Express Yourselves!!

Feeling stuck emotionally, angry, resentmentful? GET IT OUT and start letting it go!

This is such a great time to let go of stuck old negative emotions. Holding on to it is only surpressing you creatively and keeps your Liver stagnant and stuck. Shout, stomp, scream, journal, share with a friend, see a counselor. Whatever feels right for you but get it out.

Once its out you and your Liver will feel a whole lot lighter!There you have it!  My absolute top fool proof tips for getting our Tree Energy flowing well, our Liver in great shape and getting Spring Ready!Follow these suggestions for a period of 14 days and you will seriously begin to feel an amazing surge of creative positive energy bursting with a renewed lease of life and raring to go!Yay!Good luck!  You deserve it!  It’s time to let our creative energy flow and our beautiful individual voices to be expressed.May we all have happy Livers and Good Flowing Tree Energy!Love Nx

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