Whether you are embarking on your journey of maturation for the first time or are deep in the process, our signature masterclass series and audio processes will serve your deepest evolution and growth.

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“Nicky is a remarkable healer. I come back to her work time and again, each time with new ears. A deep instinct to really hear human beings, alongside an enormous heart to hold them makes Nicky a hugely powerful teacher to work with.”

Georgia P

Go deeper in your maturation: come home to who you were born to be.

For the first time ever, we’ve opened the doors to our newest masterclass series and most expansive audio processes.

Each offering consists of immersive video or audio content, from topics such as identifying your patterns, breaking free of your past and re-discovering your infinite potential, there is something for everyone.

This is the only place in our space where you can gain instant access to Nicky’s profoundly powerful teachings. All from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Plus, you’ll be granted lifetime access so you can come back to the offerings time and time again to go deeper.

Scroll down and feel into which offering is for you. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

Our Latest Masterclass Series

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The Infinite Potential of Being Human

This 4-day masterclass series will teach you how to master your own BodyMind intelligence and clear the barriers of your past, so you can begin generating life from your infinite potential. This is for you if you are ready to break free of the identity of who you think you are and discover a whole new possibility for yourself – a limitless, boundless potential.

Access 4x 1-hour video sessions


Our Signature Products

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Masterclass Series: Master Healer

This 4-day masterclass series will enable you to uncover your unique gifts, so you can come home to the conscious leader you were born to be and embody a space of deep healing for others. This is for you if you know your purpose is to evolve in the space that you are, so you can become a vessel of transformation and consciousness for others.

Access 4x 1-hour video sessions

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Audio Process: 7 Days of Evolution

Journey through one BodyMind meditation a day for 7 days to break out of resistance and free yourself from the stories that are blocking you. Experience a cathartic release from the body and a rewiring of your mind. This is for you if you’re ready to work with both the Body and Mind to free yourself from the shackles of your past and shift your reality from the root.

7x 30 minute audio recordings

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Audio Process: Forgiveness and Completion

A guided process to 'make whole' areas and relationships in your life that are 'unwhole' by facing any blame, resentment, judgment or hurt you are holding onto, so you can feel it and let it go. This is for you if you’re ready to forgive and bring completion to your past, so you can heal your heart and return to peace, love and wholeness.

1x 45 minute audio recording

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Audio Process: Free Your Mind

A powerful journey to break free of the identification and entanglement with the narrative of the mind by creating distance between who you are and the thoughts that cross your mind. This is for you if you’re tired of being defined by the thoughts of your mind and are ready to begin consciously choosing how you want to live from a new space, beyond the stories of the past.

1x 23 minute audio recording


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Audio Process: Surrender into Abundance

A transformation mediation that allows you to return to the field of abundance that you already are by dissolving all that is blocking you, so you can create reality from an overflow of ‘enoughness’. This is for you if you know there is so much more available to you and you’re ready to allow for your abundance to flow with ease once again.

1x 25 minute audio recording


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Bundle 1: Ultimate Acceleration Bundle

Our hero bundle gives you access to our two signature masterclass series’ ‘The Infinite Potential of Being Human’ and ‘Master Healer’, plus our four popular transformational audio processes. This is for you if you want to work on the Body and Mind together and at the deepest level possible, so you can quantum leap in your consciousness and generate life from infinite potential.

2x masterclass series and 4x audio processes (13 hours of total content)

£333 Save £55 when purchasing the bundle

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Bundle 2: The Audio bundle

Access all of our audio processes, including topics on ‘Evolution’, ‘Forgiveness and Completion’, ‘Free Your Mind’ and ‘Surrender into Abundance’ to experience the greatest somatic release. This is for you if you’re ready to be deeply held so you can feel safe enough to face any trapped emotions stored in the body and feel free of your past.

4x audio processes (5 hours of total content)


What people are saying about Masterclasses

“The main shift I experienced was in my relationship to life. From doing to being, from contraction to expansion, from limited possibility to infinite possibility and from surviving to living. Ultimately, because of this fundamental shift, my capacity to love has been blown wide open. It is a rare and deeply beautiful gift.”


“I am taking more responsibility for myself than ever before and I am able to see the root of specific life challenges and patterns. The depth of this work truly speaks to me and liberates me from old stories. Step by step I am coming more into alignment with my soul.”

Elena G

"It's hard to put into words exactly what I came for. I just 'knew' intuitively that working with Nicky was my next step. In the end I got far more than I ever imagined. This was definitely one of life's moments where I'm truly glad I didn't know what to expect - and with that not-knowing came a heart-opening, life-changing experience."

Lorraine P