Are you ready to embark on your greatest transformational journey yet? Are you ready to dissolve all that is getting in the way of the the infinite being I know you are? Are you ready to align and embody what your truest purpose is here on this earth?

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Just like the caterpillar, to fulfil its destiny in becoming the butterfly, requires a complete dissolving of the old identity to birth a new one. This is the process of working with me in 1:1 mentorship. Working on the whole Being that you are to embody the destiny you were meant to embody.


"The depth at which Nicky works is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The shifts and transformation that occurred even in just the first 6 months is mind blowing. Nicky will hold you in a way you’ve never been held before, whilst lovingly yet very powerfully peeling back anything that doesn’t serve you. Anything that’s keeping you small, stuck or distressed will be melted in a way that’s hard to conceive of before you begin. And the best part is there’s no more management involved, because there’s nothing to manage. You’re in a radically different relationship with yourself and with life. One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself is working with Nicky. It has not only tremendously benefitted me, but my family, children, husband and my work."

Caoimhe, Psychotherapist, Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders, Mind Coach, Business Coach



There comes a time in each of our lives, where we are just ready to finally become who we were born to be. To embody the leader we were born to embody. To impact the world in the way we were born to create change. When that moment comes… this is when you want to work with Nicky.

Being mentored by Nicky is one of the few spaces on the planet where your coach will work with you on every single area of your being, right at the root of who you truly are and what you are carrying that is blocking you. Where transformation will take place in every area of your life and full alignment, embodiment and leadership is the invitation.

When you are ready to finally come home to who you truly are and create your life from this field of infinite possibility and potential, then you have come to the right place and Nicky is the coach for you.

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Transformational Mentorship

When we begin working together the first thing I will help you see is ‘who’ has been living your life so far; the character and identity shaped and generated by your past experiences and trauma. If you were to continue creating life from here, which has been a survival mechanism, all you will get is more survival. So first things first, is beginning the process of getting to the root of this survival way of being and dissolving and healing right at the root. Setting into motion a profound healing process as you begin to outgrow who you think you are creating the space of who you were always born to be.

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Complete transformation

My work with you is not to give you anything, but to help you release, dissolve and surrender all that you carry that is not who you truly are.

All the layers of ancestral and generational stories and trauma, all the layers of stuckness and stagnation your body has been carrying from unresolved pain of the past; all the ways you have created your life out of alignment that is blocking you from what you truly dream of creating.

First we release and surrender to create the spaciousness, the infinite field of possibility and aliveness to then birth a new and fully embodied aligned future of yourself.

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Anything is possible

I am living proof that this work has the power to completely transform every area of our lives (read my story here). After decades of being on this journey myself I have spent the last 10 years training in the power of energetics and the impact of trauma on health, in Chinese medicine and Five elements theory and macrobiotics, training and studying in ontology, neuroscience, psychology—human development and behaviour, childhood development and childhood trauma and the power of the brain mind and our relationships with creating and generating our reality.

I have also trained as a Shaman and have advanced experience in working with plant medicines and energetic shamanic healing and how trauma stores as memory in the energetic fabric of a human body. Lastly I am also a certified breathwork practitioner.

I work with the whole human being—on every level and in every way—to bring whatever is unwhole back to a place of wholeness and whatever is out of alignment back to a space of alignment.

I see who you truly are, beyond the patterns and stories and trauma, and my job is to walk you back home to your true self in a full body-mind-heart-soul level.

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Aliveness, power, and flow

Our truest nature is to be in infinite flow—this is who you are and what is possible for you. In working to create healing and maturing right at the root of the trauma and wounds keeping you stuck, every time we create healing and dissolving of what is out of flow, we open up a new pathway for this infinite flow of your aliveness and power to move again.

This is the power that will allow you to birth a new life, to write the books, paint the paintings, create the money, attract your deepest love—to generate and create the life that is in full alignment with who you truly are.

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Client Maturation Success Stories

Sophie's Maturation

NHS GP, BodyMind Coach

Sophie came to Nicky as a burnt-out GP realising the medical system was stuck and she was stuck in it. She had a vision to completely transform the face of medicine from 'sick care' to an informed model for transformation and healing.

Now in her 2nd year of 1:1 mentorship with Nicky, Sophie has been on the deepest transformational healing of her life, facing and dissolving all the aspects of herself and the trauma (her own and generational) that caused her to create a life so stuck in survival. The more she has released with Nicky the bigger the space she has become.

Today, while being mentored and trained by Nicky, she has started her own company where she mentors patients referred to her by the NHS, educating them on bodymind trauma healing, helping them come off their meds and heal from the root. She is now running courses and training programmes for both patients and the doctors themselves, educating them to be more trauma informed.

What she is creating was beyond what she ever imagined was possible and she is just getting started. Within her first year with Nicky she made back the money she invested in her mentorship within the first 8 months. And has set the goal to double that this 2nd year.

In her personal life, she has manifested her dream home, surrounded herself with a nourishing and authentic community, and is literally creating everything she told Nicky she wanted to create.

In this mentorship, you take a huge leap in commitment and investment but the results are that you birth a life beyond what you mind could even imagine. And more importantly, you do it in full alignment with who you were always born to become, whilst impacting the world in the most positive way.

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Tara's Maturation

Psychotherapist, Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders, Mind Coach, Business Coach

Tara was desperate to break free of what was still holding her back and to truly come out of hiding and stand in her true voice, power, authenticity and expression. Within the first 6 months of 1:1 mentorship with Nicky, Tara had begun the greatest metamorphosis of her life.

Healing and dissolving deeply rooted childhood trauma frozen in her bodymind and keeping her stuck in survival patterns. Her becoming has been extraordinary. Only 6 months in she has shifted so much, her husband has enrolled in the work too for himself, and dramatic transformation is taking place in their whole family.

She has resigned from her office job and is now making a stand to finally birth the space she has already known deep within her, she was born to embody. She is training with Nicky now as well and committed to being a space for divine wealth in the world. She has already renewed for a 2nd year of mentorship (only 6 months into her first year) because she knows this is where the big shifts she wants will happen.

"There is no one else I want beside me and walking me through this huge transformational phase of my life than Nicky. This work is deeper then I could ever have imagined and the results are literally blowing my mind and bringing healing and alignment into every area of my life."

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Maturation Mentorship

Every single one of us has immense power within—we all have the ability to feel worthy, valuable, empowered, joyful and free. When we realign with these truths, we completely realign the flow of our lives. Vision and Leadership Coaching is about unlocking this unique potential.

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Live a life of power and purpose

I will help you transform your heart’s visions into the powerful and purposeful career you deserve. We will turn your dreams into actionable realities by focusing on the practicalities of building your business, while working on standing in leadership as the powerful human being you are.

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Break free of your limitations

By shifting your story around being seen, and strengthening your money and abundance mindset, this deep work will empower you. Most importantly, we will follow every single step of transformational work with definitive actions.

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Stand in your leadership, serve the world

It is time for you to share your vision and purpose with the world. The people who need to work with you are waiting for you to show yourself. So work with me, and show the world all that you can be.

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"In working with Nicky Clinch I find myself more amazed at what I’ve lost rather than what I’ve gained. I lost the identity in the person I thought I was, only to find and begin to have a relationship with my true, intimate self. I lost much of the anger and frustration in my life which allows me to have a new experience of what it means to be alive, a daily movement toward abundance and hope and healing".

Jim, Spiritual Care Counselor Caron Treatment Centers
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The power of this work and working with Nicky


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“Working with Nicky is a total life changer, not only professionally but on a deep personal level.I came to Nicky as a coach and felt the call to take my training much deeper, so I could hold space and serve my clients in a completely new way.I can simply say life is different, I am different and my clients are experiencing huge personal and professional shifts that bring joy to me and transformation for them everyday.This is about becoming a space for yourself, to be able to become a space for others to live a life of freedom. I can’t recommend Nicky and her work enough.”

Lucy, Professional Freedom Coach