Do you crave freedom? From your past, its patterns and behaviours? It's time to shift your perceptions and free yourself. The revolution starts here—and it starts with you.

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Together we will raise the frequency of the field you are standing in. To release the fears, old beliefs and stories entangling you, and create a greater sense of space, inner peace, and a world of possibility.

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21 Days of Expansion is a powerful series of meditations that empower you to step out of your mind’s endless chatter, enable you to drop fully into your being, and connect and unlock with the power within you.

I’ll learn to say no.” or “I’ll stop working late.” How about “I’ll end the relationship.” or “I’ll change my job.”? You make the change, then the same challenges show up in your life. Again and again. Sound familiar?

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Through our unique BodyMind Maturation Method, you will begin to rewire the neural pathways in your brain while simultaneously generating powerful energetic and emotional experiences in the body. You’ll shift long-lived perceptions and release the stagnant emotional memories that are holding you back.

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After just 21 days, you’ll feel ready to transform relationships with your family, your friends, your significant other, with your work—and with your identity. You’ll be able to experience true freedom and contentment, full of the energy and vitality that are key to unlocking real, lasting change.

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Studies have shown we can begin rewiring neural pathways in the brain by feeding the mind with new perceptions in a repetition of 21 consecutive days. In the context of the human condition, the more we resist the experiences within us the more power we give them and the more they live our life.

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Over the 21 days we walk you through 21 activations that shift the perceptions within your mind while enabling you to lean in and be with the experiences within you. Working on the body and mind simultaneously, we dissolve stories and free you from emotional stuckness. Is it time for a revolution?

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“Authentic, loving, supportive. Nicky speaks straight from her heart to yours. And what she says is worth listening to.”

Bridgid Moss, Red Magazine

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“If you are struggling with anything in your life, Nicky can help.”

Zoe Blaskey, Founder of Motherkind

What you’ll get:

  • Heal the mother wound
  • Heal the father wound
  • Heal your story
  • The 21 Days of Expansion Programme
  • 22 days (including the introduction day) of premium studio-quality audio recordings
  • Lifetime access
  • Daily journaling questions and powerful inquiry processes

The 21 days of
expansion promise

A re-connection to a deep sense of self, creating a greater sense of empowerment and self-trust

Emotional releases and deep emotional healing as the stuck emotional memory within the body dissolves

Release from the past and creating space for the future

Shift your perceptions on how you see the world, yourself and the people around you

Dissolve attachments to an identity of who you think you are based on the past, creating a maturation process for you to align with who you were born to be

Shift the energy field and frequency you are standing in and emitting to the world which can shift how the world responds to you, flows and expresses itself through you

Gain clarity and insight to what you don’t want and what you DO want

Experience the energy and vitality to make the changes you need to make, to honour yourself and truth

Unfurl a deep connection to source and a greater field of possibility

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Your Teacher

My name is Nicky Clinch

Nicky Clinch is a Master Maturation Facilitator & Teacher, workshop leader, Hay House author and Shamanic Healer.

Nicky leads people from all over the world through profound life changing processes, allowing them to heal from the root, becoming free of their past and come home to who they truly are. A leading expert in the field of human behaviour and the human condition, ontology, healing trauma and energetic intelligence, Nicky is dedicated to using her life to serve the evolution of human consciousness on our planet and for human beings to discover their truest infinite potential. Founding and leading The Alchemy of Being: Academy of Maturation Coaching, she has now trained hundreds of people globally to become powerful professional maturation coaches with her pioneering teachings and practices of the BodyMind Maturation Method™, integrating ancient wisdom, Zen mastery and the future of the evolution of being human.

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“This life you are living will not last forever. Now is the time to remember who you are. You are not in a life. You are life.”

Nicky Clinch

Ready to accelerate and upgrade your emotional, spiritual and energetic evolution?

Listening to Life

Do you feel disconnected from your highest and most aligned self?

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Why not buy the book?

I’m so excited to share with you my new book, SURRENDER: Break Free of Your Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story.

This book will walk you through a powerful life-changing journey of self-love and transformational surrender. I teach you how to access the power within you, dissolve the internal suffering of your mind and release all that you are carrying that you are NOT, so that you can come home to your Authentic Self and Live Beyond Your Story.

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New beginnings start now

Step into your future and reclaim your inner power, with 21 Days of Expansion. The actions you take now will set the tone for everything that follows. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to start growing from the place of peace, love, and tranquillity.

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