Join me to learn about what is blocking us as human beings, so you can discover, embody, and align with the infinite potential that already lies within you.

My podcast is about exploring the potential and possibility that we have as human beings to create our reality, so we can take ownership of the creation of our new paradigm.

This podcast will address what is happening in the world today and our relationship to how we are living our lives, so we can see what is keeping us stuck in the past and causing us to repeat patterns and cycles. Using these conversations, dialogues and new information, including science, research and evidence on shifting consciousness, I will explore the potential and possibility that we have as human beings to create a new reality.

Because it’s time now for each of us to remember our infinite potential of being.

I am so glad you’re here.


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Radical Ownership & Responsibility

Are you 100% responsible for your life? Taking ownership is not easy. It's not comfortable, and it doesn't mean you’ll get it right all the time. But if you want to achieve your infinite potential, you must be 100% accountable for everything that you do, both good and bad.  In this episode, I’ll discuss how you can access a new level of power and potential through radical ownership and responsibility. I’ll share why people dislike taking responsibility, how to start taking 100% ownership of your life and the freedom that comes with healing past trauma.

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Understanding Why We Resist Change

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Emotions and the Human Experience

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The Vicious Circle of Human Condition

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The Body, the Mind & Identity

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What is Maturation?

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Welcome to The Infinite Potential of Being Human Podcast

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