May 10, 2017

I want to start by telling you a story.The story is about magic and purpose and dreams. This story is about breaking beliefs and barriers of what may a first seem impossible.Every year during Autumn in Canada, the 4th generation of Monarch Butterflies will hatch. Thousands of them, popping out of their cocoons, ready to spread their wings and fly. The very moment they are free, they set off on a journey of 3000miles across a wide and vast ocean, only to land in a tiny little patch of Mexican Rainforest.Imagine it. Water as far as the eye can see.
Nowhere to stop.
Nowhere to land.
And their tiny little wings flapping full of determination.No one knows why they make this journey or how they even navigate their way or why they go to this particular part of rainforest, but every single year the same thing happens. Most butterflies’ life span lasts only a few days, but this particular generation will continue to live until their journey is complete. On arrival, these beautiful orange and black winged creatures will cover every single inch of every tree, every branch and every leaf and there they will rest until they pass.When I first heard this story, I cried.
How did they know where they were going?
What was driving them so strongly? How was it possible?This story inspired me like no other. And it made me think.We are no different.Every single one of us was born with an endless possibility within us, full of dreams and a connection to magic. As children we wanted to be acrobats, ballerinas, singers, painters, astronauts….But what happened to all the dreams we once had?Each one of us is born with an inbuilt navigation system; able to guide us along the journey we need to take. Do you know which part of us that is?Our Hearts.As children, our hearts are pure and open and full of dreams. Unaffected by life with no reason why we could not trust. We play, imagine, explore, create. And we feel and express ourselves whenever we need.And then somewhere along the way, all of this get’s shut down.
Life happens. growing up happens, responsibility happens, heartbreak happens.Do you wonder where that dreaming, open, magical heart of yours is now?Let me tell you a secret……. It is still here. Inside you. Right now.When we begin to reconnect with living from our hearts, we reconnect to our truest, most authentic selves. We reconnect with the dreamers within us and the magic makers.When we begin to let our hearts be our guides, to navigate our way through our lives, we reconnect with a sense of purpose, meaning and creative fulfilment. We click back into the flow, gifting us with an abundant flow of life force.I want to remind you, that YOU are no different from a Monarch Butterfly, so please remember your heart.My BRAND NEW Transformational Workshop: Being In Heart will be on Friday 30th June.  Where I will guide you to re-connect to your own hearts calling, feeding it with energy so you can BE and LIVE and CREATE a life of magic, dreams and purpose.  READ MOREI love you all.Nicky x

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