Why We Sabotage

Are you one of those people that has watched yourself sabotage something that you know you want, and yet something in you is blocking it or even actively pushing it away? Why is it that when you finally receive the love, the nourishment, the care, the fulfillment, the success, the money, the attention, the connection that you want, having it is so threatening that before you know it, you’re finding whatever way you can find to get rid of it? It doesn’t make any logical sense to reject a beautiful opportunity, but you still say no. And you’re watching yourself and you know what you’re doing, but you can’t stop it. 

Why is sabotage so common in human beings, and why is it a cause of so much of our pain and suffering? And what could possibly be a solution to that? This is what we’re going to dive into in this episode. 

What is Covered: