Surrendering All My Material World To Discover What Was Left

In this episode Prema shares her inspiring journey to embracing her soul’s calling. Having encountered a lot of trauma in her childhood, she turned to alcohol and recreational drugs during her teens to numb the pain she was unable to process. She later moved to Hollywood and began living what appeared to be a very glamorous life, but inside she knew it wasn’t truly nourishing her in the way she needed.

Prema’s spiritual awakening in 2006 saw her give up all her possessions and money to begin a walking journey to meet spiritual teachers and communities. It was at this point she was able to see how she was not fulfilling her soul’s purpose. It was time to release all the attachments she had to who she thought she was in her life and align with a higher plan.

Prema beautifully highlights how it is possible to transcend our fear and fully surrender who you thought you needed to be and embrace your true authenticity.

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