Staying Centred: Rooted At The Centre Of The Cyclone

Here in New Zealand we have been in lockdown for the past 10 weeks and increasingly we are being subjected to a lot of intense measures of control. The purpose of this episode is not to be political or to take sides, rather it is to share how this has impacted me and the process I have been through in order to be responsible for everything this has brought up.

I share about how, when we find ourselves in the center of a storm, we cannot only find our center, but stay centered. How we can stay connected and rooted in our truth despite all the noise and chaos raging around us. This is a fundamental practice for your life, but especially now as we navigate a huge paradigm shift.

Hear how I dealt with the waves of intense fear surging through me by remaining conscious rather than collapsing into it. This was the first step to remaining grounded in truth and not getting swept away in the cyclone of fear.

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  •  When we stay in our power, we have the ability to make conscious choices rather than choosing from a place of fear and terror.
  • Listening is not hearing the noise in your mind or projecting what you think you already know. To listen deeply to life, we cannot already know what is coming next.
  • We cannot respond differently in challenging situations if we are not conscious that something from our past is being activated.
  • Consciousness requires you to lean into the experience as it moves through you and taking full self-responsibility for it.
  • If you can surrender the resistance, the fight and the running away from your human experience even though it is painful, it will begin to dissolve.
  • Every single one of us has the power to find the stillness within the storm of our experience.