Sensuality: Creating Inner Safety

We talk about the difference between sensuality and sexuality and how according to Michaela, sensuality means complete engagement with life through all our senses. This intimate relationship that we have with life internally then allows us to be more alive in our external world.

Michaela explains how through the activation of the multiple layers of positive engagement through all our senses in our daily life experiences, our body fully opens and how that sensual openness is the prerequisite and amplifier for sexual pleasure.

We speak about how sensuality and embodiment are intricately connected because in embodiment we are listening to the messages of our five senses that our internal landscape sends us. And so, when we engage with our senses, life is so much more pleasurable.

We go into how the practice of embodiment exercises and how connecting, working with and caring for the body in natural ways enables the body to release stress and the nervous system gets regulated with the release of old emotions and stories that got stuck in the memory of the body.

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