Healing the Father Wound

Last week, I spoke about healing the Mother wound and the impact that our relationship with Mother has on our sense of self, on our relationship with our own bodies, with the planet, with intimacy and with each other. This week, I am going to dive into healing the Father wound, the masculine side of our family field. We always have some kind of relationship with Father. Even if Father is absent, if Father was never there, we have a relationship with him, and it manifests in how we get a sense of ourselves. 

Because it’s really important and powerful to gain more consciousness on what we absorbed and inherited from our family field, from these two mega poles that have shaped who we think we are. The exploration of the Mother and the Father wound is not for our physical parents, even though they also benefit from it. It’s for us, for our own peace and freedom, and for our own ability  to be authentic and true to who we really are. So let’s dive in.

What is Covered: