Surrender Series - My break up

My Breakup: My World Fell Apart

With Mel Wells

In this special episode of my new “SURRENDER SERIES” I interview the amazing Mel Wells. We dive deeply into her untold story of when her ‘forever’ relationship came to a sudden & jolting end and show you how even the most traumatic events in our lives can become our greatest blessings. This is the first time ever Mel has shared the full story publicly and it is deeply inspiring to hear.

And if you’ve ever been through heartbreak, betrayal or loss… this special episode will help you navigate through it, heal the wounds, and find inner peace.

It’s a reminder that every breakdown is an invitation to have a breakthrough – even though you can’t see it yet.

Because even though we sometimes end up in the depths of despair, there can always be trust and knowing that it is leading us to somewhere magical – somewhere even better.

This episode of the SURRENDER SERIES will also show you how to cultivate that trust and hope and guide you through the process of letting go of your past – the transformational process of surrender.

I warmly invite you to join us for a powerful session of raw authenticity. You’ll hear Mel’s incredible journey and discover how to tell the difference between warning signs and opportunities to do inner work.

Thank you for listening. If you have any aha moments from this episode, please do share them with me by leaving a review.

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  • During the times of trial, your relationship with yourself will be tested. You need to build a strong foundation of self-love.
  • The ability to take care of yourself, soothe yourself and give yourself what you need is crucial in those dark moments.
  • The things that break your heart can also fix your vision.
  • You can’t truly surrender without giving up trying to fix everything.
  • Instead of repressing emotions – let it all be felt without judging yourself or rushing the process.
  • The only way through is through.
  • You’re not meant to do this alone. Reach out and say ‘I need you’.