Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

With Nicky Clinch

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast, I am honoured to have you here. 

This week I am speaking about a topic I have had much personal experience with and also believe to be a truly transformational part of the process. Hitting rock bottom. Now you may think I’m the Queen of Doom and Gloom but I promise I am not. There is such gold that can come through in a breakdown; as we are humbled, our ego begins to dissolve more, we are in the alive active process of surrender… and THAT is when real transformation becomes possible. In this episode, together, we’ll explore how it’s possible to use these low points in your life as a way to move from having a breakdown to a breakthrough.

Many aspects of our life are dissolving right now. To be truthful this is how it is in all of life as you simply cannot have life without death. Death and rebirth, breakdown to breakthrough, endings and beginnings, love and loss. To truly live we must be willing to welcome both as they are both sides of the same coin. The one constant in life is change and so how do we need to shift our relationship with this in order to learn to flow with the changes rather than resist them?

And so with this year being all about dissolving, dismantling, letting go and change I speak in this episode how we can use these moments as pivotal opportunities for growth, healing and transformation. You’ll uncover that disintegration and breakdowns are a part of the healing process, allowing you to dissolve what once was so that the new may grow.

This is how your soul continues to evolve. This is how you welcome new possibilities into your life. 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I am so proud of you for being committed to doing the work and moving through difficult times with grace and a desire for growth.

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  • We discuss why old ways of being must dissolve for new possibilities to grow.
  • Why living in the unknown and a place of despair can be necessary for us to mature and reach the next step of our lives. 
  • When we as human beings are in this pit of despair, we must learn to stop avoiding it and instead sit with it and let it be. 
  • Why death is a natural and beautiful part of life and how we can change our relationship to it. 
  • When we invite the possibility of holding death as a part of life we can hold space for our despair as part of our healing. 
  • Why we must allow ourselves to feel the actual depth of our feelings to move through the rock bottom phases of our life and be reborn.