Jan 12, 2017
My favourites

As my job is essentially to help people come back to their most authentic selves, I see clients time and time again come to a place in their healing journey where they realise they no longer fit doing the work they are doing or be in the jobs they are in.It just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.It is one of the paths of self-transformation I guess. As we heal and grow and come back to the more authentic you, it’s important to let go of the things picked up along the way that no longer fit to make space for all the NEW.I can’t tell you how many students I’ve come on my 6 week course only to discover these things half way through, who then graduate, quit their jobs and start making huge changes in their jobs and lives. Beginning to create and live their dreams.It is SO magical and one of my favourite parts of my work!(Please don’t worry or freak out for those of you wanting to do my course, you DO NOT have to quit you jobs once you graduate!!)Which brings me back to telling you about The Artist’s Way.This book is one of the most important, impactful and healing books I have used in my own journey over the past 15 years. And I don’t think I would be where I am today without it.Written by Julia Cameron, it is a 12 week journey in reconnecting to our own inner artists. Not just the kind of artists that paints. The kinds that create, that create anything and everything. That beautiful inner child in every single one of us that once dreamed so freely, so creatively, with no limits and no boundaries.And really our creative energy is just our life force. So I guess this book is about unblocking blocked life force within us. And it works!Unfortunately, our creative children within us often gets buried and lost as we grow up, develop fears, doubts, low self-esteem and grown up responsible thinking.I have done The Artist’s Way three times in my life over the past 15 years and each time it has literally unblocked and created the most amazing magic in my life. Clearing the way for me to create dreams I didn’t think were possible before. It is wonderful.Full of exercises, tools and practices that will encourage you to go deep within yourselves and reconnect with buried parts of you. Tools and practices that can stay with you throughout your life. And fun too! Such fun exercised that will bring creative play back into your life.So as we are here in January with a years worth of space and unknown ahead of us, where really anything and everything is possible, I wanted to introduce this book to you.Get it, read it from cover to cover or get stuck in and just start. It will be worth every single moment…I promise.The creative child within each one of you deserves to brought back to life. And you deserve to live a life that is just like that one in your dreams.Happy travelling and enjoy flying my loves. Nicky x

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