Jul 1, 2016
My favourites

I cannot wait to tell you about my new favourite place to eat in London.
A few weeks back, I went out with my good friend and PR Manager for a double birthday celebration. We are both Gemini’s, both practically ‘everything free’ and both LOVE food.I was dying to try out this new place that’s just popped up on the health food scene and this was the perfect excuse – Farmacy UK on Westbourne Grove.Wow! This is one of the best plant-based meals I have had out in a long time! So I highly suggest you get over there as soon as possible!EnjoyLove Nx


Farmacy is all about offering healthy choice comfort foods but done with style, in the highest quality and in a way that leaves you feeling like you’ve been pampered from head to toe.Everything served and on the menu (including the cocktails) are free from refined sugar, dairy and are vegan, made with the best quality ingredients there are.

The Menu

They offer a great selection of really creative but simple dishes that most of us will recognise as our favourite comfort foods. All the kinds of foods, that if you are someone like me who has eaten this way for 15 years, you will be missing!Things like Nachos, a Burger, Spelt Pizza with Macadamia Cheese, and their unbelievable Brownie Sundae. Did I mention that EVERYTHING is refined sugar free, dairy free and vegan! Yup! Yum!Along with their comfort foods they offer a beautiful selection of Earth Bowls, which were my absolute favourite. Gorgeously grounding and wholesome bowls from different philosophies & cultures.

Their selection of healthy cocktails, juices, smoothies and wine was so wonderful, making it the perfect place for Brunch, Lunch or a special Dinner.The food was beautifully cooked, the quality of the ingredients very high and I really felt like there was a lot of love and care put into the food by the chefs. Which for me is the most important thing!Here’s a full view of their Menu.


Every thing about this place is stylish and the owner has such an eye for detail! Owned by Camilla Al-Fayed, there is an air of grace, elegance and zen throughout every part of the space, including the bathrooms. Alongside this, you can see the chef’s cooking right there in an open kitchen, which for me as a chef, I love! There’s nothing like getting a peak in on the action!Lastly, the service was impeccable. Really friendly staff, very accommodating and extremely helpful. And it wasn’t too pricey, although it is definitely more of a special meal rather than somewhere to go everyday.I have heard their brunch is amazing so I will be going again very soon and bringing the whole family.Farmacy UK is my July favourite and I can’t wait to get down there again very soon.Maybe see you there?Love Nx

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