Jan 4, 2016

Well Happy New Year to you all!  Here we are, at the forefront of a brand new year, with a big open space of unknown ahead of us!  Such a wonderful time to tap in to the limitless possibilities  that are available and also a little bit scary too.  I know for me, I woke up this morning with both butterflies in my belly of excitement and also huge nervousness of the complete unknown before me.For so many years of my life up till now I used to take the beginning of the new year and charge at it like a bull in a china shop.  Frantically and actively trying to make things happen the way I want them too.  I’m not particularly sure this is a method I would suggest to anyone, I know for me it only set me up for disappointment and the opportunity to fall flat on my hopeful face.This year, I feel quieter and a little apprehensive as I step into the new open space ahead of me.  I know that I have big dreams for this year and I know that the possibility of them becoming true are much higher then ever before, and so I sit here not knowing how, or what or when it will all turn out and my instinct is to hold back a little.  Maybe it is because I am getting older, or maybe it is because I am a mamma now, or maybe it is most likely because I have so much more at stake these days – meaning as I am closer then ever to actually realising my dreams I have so much more to lose if it all falls apart.  But, I know, and I’m sure you know too, we have no control over what will be this year for us.  Very likely it is not going to turn out exactly the way we want it too but much more likely it will be the way life needs it to be for us.And so, as I sit here with my apprehension, my excitement and my vulnerability, instead of charging ahead at it I have chosen to use this month to slowly cleanse, re-balance and make space to allow what is meant to be to occur, rather than trying to make anything happen my way.As I’m sure you can see, all over the internet, instagram, social media, everyone, EVERYONE is talking about detoxes, cleanses and the rest.  January is the month of detox!  In the most black and white sense of the word, mostly because most of us indulged a little too much over the holidays and now want to feel better about ourselves.  Well, there is nothing wrong with that is there?I have spent many years of my life doing juice cleanses at every turn of the season, fasting whenever I need some quiet reflection in my life, and I must admit these times have been tremendous opportunities for healing, change and growth.  But since I got pregnant and now I am a mamma, the idea of fasting my body feels and seems way too drastic.  And with it being the heart of Winter I feel like I still need warming foods to give me reserves.  So I have decided to find a more balanced, gentle and grounded way to cleanse, re-balance and make space.  And when I say make space, I mean to make space within my body, my mind and also within my environment around me.  To make space and allow the new to enter! New ideas, new energy, new possibilities and new experiences.This way I feel like I am co-creating with life rather than trying to control it.  My job is to first create the foundation for the new to grow.  To set my intentions and goals for this year, to express what my hearts desires are, and then to let it all go.  Returning to laying good, clean, solid and fertile foundations again.  Without good soil, no plants or flowers can ever come to life!And with good foundations we can begin to make space! In my experience the more space I can make in my life, my mind, my body, the more I can begin to listen to life communicating to me through my intuition, dreams and the people around me.  I know that when I get super busy, eat heavier and my house and finances become chaotic, I find it harder to hear these clear direct messages life is trying to give me.So if you, like me, are feeling like you too want to cleanse, re-balance and make space this month but to do it in a way that is more gentle then fantastic!! Join me! Lets do this together!Here are some tools that I will be adopting over the next month that you can do too if you want!! I hope you find them useful. Please remember that this is not about doing things perfectly and it is not about being on a strict diet or regime.  Nor is it about adopting lots of rules and regulations to follow.  This is purely about getting quieter and holding the intention to create some space in our life and energy.

1. Write down your goals and intentions

Every year I do this and I find it so helpful and powerful.  Sometimes all we need to do is put down on paper what is deep within our hearts desires and that is it.  Don’t do anything else with it.  Actually for me I find it helpful to not look at the piece of paper again.  But to let it completely go.  Maybe even burn it to give it completely away.  But first, take the step to get it out of your heart and onto paper.  It is powerful.  Try it.  Then completely let it all go!

2. Eat Simply and Lighter

As most of you already know, what we eat effects us on all levels.  It effects our energy levels, our thought patterns and our emotions.  And when we eat simply and lighter it helps everything within us to get calmer.  Our emotions can become less dramatic, our mind can become quieter and our energy can become cleaner and clearer.And here’s what I mean when I say simply and lighter:

Here is an example of my meal plan during this time:Wake-up: Hot water & lemon or Ginger Tea
Breakfast: Vegetable Juice or Smoothie or A bowl of miso soup or left over vegetables and veg proteins or small bowl of porridge
Lunch & Dinner: Soups & Broths, Lightly cooked vegetables & vegetable protein, light small quantity of grains
Snacks: Vegetables, Sushi, Sugar-free natural dessert, Hummus
Drinks: Herbal Teas & Water

3. Daily 30-40min Bodywork or Exercise

This is a great opportunity to get the stagnant energy in our body moving and also to support and encourage the cleansing process from the diet we are eating.  It is also a great way to help our emotions flow more fluidly and for us to feel more positive and in tune with out intuition.This can range from high-impact exercise to just laying on your yoga mat and having a stretch and doing some deep breathing to walking.  Don’t exhaust yourself, this is about loving and nourishing yourself.

4. Sit or meditate for 10-20min every day

I say sit or meditate here because I know for me, sometimes when I feel I need to ‘try’ and meditate I feel like I don’t know how to do it.  These days sometimes just sitting in stillness and silence, with my breathe, letting my feelings come and go and my thoughts come and go, is enough for me to create stillness and more space within me.  When doing this please just let your breathe come in and out naturally and try not to try too hard at doing anything, just sit and breathe and be.  Simples!

5. Physically clearing out the clutter

Now this is an incredibly magical and powerful exercise.  I have seen many a time in my life, after clearing out just one corner of my house, within a day or two a new opportunity has come in to my life, or idea or experience, it is an amazing exercise for clearing the energy around us to let the new come in.  So all you need to do is slowly go through your house this month, room by room, drawer by drawer, corner by corner, and clear out the clutter.  We all have at least one drawer or basket or bowl that regularly accumulates all the junk in the house – well clear it out! Throw out or pass on anything you no longer need or want and clear the space in your house.  Fold the clothes in your drawers and cupboards and put up pictures that need to be put up, frame things that need to be framed.  Enjoy!

6. Tidy up finances

Now this is one I find so uncomfortable but I also know that when I do it I feel empowered and clearer.  January is also tax return month for us in the UK so this is an opportunity to get your finances in order, bank accounts, pay back any unpaid bills or debts (if you can) or to set up payment plans if you need more time.  You’ll be amazed at how much clearer you’ll feel after doing this.

7. Journalling

My old trusted favourite – do some journalling during this whole process.  Write down any ideas that come to you – don’t sensor or hold back – you never know what is going to be the next big revaluation.  So many things happening for me right now and this year came to me as thoughts that just popped into my head that I immediately followed up on.  You never know when the next big idea and revaluation is going to come from!  Also use this opportunity to journal your feelings, thoughts and experiences.  To clear it out also!So that’s it!  Once again I want to say, please remember that this is not about being perfect or getting it right.  Just do your best!  That is enough!  I am going to take it one day at a time and do my best too.  This can be such a nourishing and enjoyable process if we allow ourselves to be and do it our way without too much pressure.Enjoy! And I want to wish you all a truly magical, beautiful and meaningful year.  May your hearts feel full, your spirits feel high and your dreams guide you.So much love from me and have a fab week!Love Nx

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