Psychedelics and Maturation

Psychedelics have become a very popular piece of society and culture today. It wasn’t like that at all when I first went to Amazon and started working with ayahuasca. It was almost like an underground secret for the ones seeking something beyond normal. But nowadays, plant medicines are being used by many, and they have become integrated into the surge of self-evolution that is taking place on our planet. 

In today’s episode, I want to dive into an inquiry around psychedelics. In particular, I want to create the distinction of the beautiful marriage between psychedelics and maturation, and why I see it as fundamental to work on both. I’ll share how psychedelics gifted me with acceleration of healing and evolution, but I’ll also unpack why their popularity is not all good and how they can be misused.

What Is Covered: 

Although I do believe that plant medicines are part of our future, I also believe that we don’t need to take them to experience other states of consciousness. So if you are thinking of working with any plant medicines, please do your research first, make sure that who you are choosing to facilitate you has profound levels of experience, and be ready to fully commit to the possibility of changing your reality.