Manifestation and Maturation

Manifestation is so trendy right now. We see a lot of people that are able to manifest, and there’s no question that we seem to be a species that has the capability to transform field into matter. You are already creating and generating the world that you’ve got. 

But here’s the question: are you conscious of who is the one that’s actually manifesting?

Today’s topic is focusing on the power of manifestation, but from a maturation context. I am going to reiterate what maturation is, and then I’ll start diving into the process of manifestation. I’ll also propose a journaling exercise for you to explore who, actually, runs your world.

What You’ll Learn: 

Next week we’re going to dive even deeper into the topic of manifestation, vision, and transforming field into 3D matter. We are such powerful beings. (don’t tell anyone!)