Each one of us has a god given purpose for our life, a purpose that invites us to be our most empowered self and fulfils us in the most abundant way. Nicky’s Leadership Training has been created to guide the female pioneers of tomorrow to their place in this world, standing tall as leaders in their lives.


My Warrior Woman Leadership Training is about taking you to the next level. Harnessing the story you have lived and transforming it into something powerful, purposeful and useful in this world.

I am lucky enough to know what it feels like to get a second chance. Having been to the depths of addiction and depression, I am now running a successful business, fulfilling my purpose in life, and honouring my truth. More than ever, I know in my heart that every single moment we are given is sacred and precious. With the experience of taking hundreds of women through powerful life changing transformation I stood back in 2018 and asked myself the question, what next? What do we do now that we have done the deeper work? How do we make our newfound power really mean something?

And so I created this programme. To lift women up, to guide them into fully taking their place in this world, aligning with their power and standing tall as leaders in their lives—all whilst earning really good money! It is time to make sure that the right people can find us so that we can share our life’s purpose with them and expand our positive impact on the world.


Surrounded by a small group of women on the same path, you will be able to hold each other accountable, and support and encourage each other to step into your power as the women leaders you are meant to be. I will coach and guide you to take the actions, risks and shifts that you need to embody empowered leadership in your lives and in your businesses. Most importantly, you will be part of a held, supportive, safe and inspiring group of women journeying through transformation together.


Only 8 spaces available.
Working together in 10 week blocks over 3 months.
120 minute Live Group Coaching session with me every single week.
Small private Online Group to support each other and hold each other accountable for actions, deadlines and targets.
Content, Inspiration, Coaching, Homework, Teachings and Support from me throughout.
Working on the practicalities of building your business—Profit & Loss Sheets, Money, Enrolment, Costings, Actions, Profiles and more.
Coaching for Mindset Transformation—across abundance, self-worth, authenticity, ownership, communication and creativity.
Sharing contacts and connections from the business and industry world as needed.
Plus, of course allowing enough space for the unknown and a little magic to unfold in between!

Next Programme

Currently this program is full. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list
for the next opening spot please click here and I will be in touch.

Leadership Training runs for 10 weeks with Weekly Live Coaching Sessions to be held at an agreed time.
If you would like to continue ongoing that is absolutely possible too.


Application to the Programme

Leadership Training is my advanced programme, and requires a strong foundation in transformation and self-development. If you feel called to embark on this next stage of your journey, complete the application below to have your call with Nicky.


“My experience with Nicky has been immeasurable really. To be held with such devotion, power and heart-wisdom has, and is, transforming my life. The leadership training has cleared a space for me to step into a new role outside of being a mother, wife, daughter etc whilst still being all those things! I am leading my life in a way I didn't feel possible before. Thanks to her training I have come so strongly into alignment with my purpose for being in this world and it feels very cool! In letting go of old stories and mindsets I have made way for an enormous amount of creativity and trust in my worth and talent as a writer.”
“It’s hard to put into words what an impact this leadership programme has had on my life. Nicky navigates you to leave all your old stuff behind, all the stuff that’s been part of you for years, that you were never really conscious of, but that holds you back in so many ways. Each week I feel like I emerge as someone different, someone stronger. It’s not easy, it challenges me on every level but in a way I’ve never experienced before. I have this deep belief now in something bigger and it’s fundamental. Alongside that I’ve met a group of women that I have such a connection with, that challenge me, support me and love me for who I am. I know that this journey with Nicky means that my life is and will be different, there’s no going back.”
“This Leadership Training is next level powerful. It’s a profoundly insightful and transformative process and I honestly feel like a completely new woman in all areas of my life. Nicky has supported me to rediscover incredible clarity about my purpose and fueled my confidence to step fully into my power as a writer and psychotherapist. The support, guidance, coaching and inspiration in this unique group of women lead by Nicky is unlike anything I have ever come across before.”
“Nicky holds powerful space for growth and development, and is a constant source of empowerment with the ability to break through your biggest blocks. The extra special element to this training is the group of women who walk this path with you. You are loved, supported and connected in way I could not have imagined. Friends for life. I would not be where I am today, launching my business, without the tools, methods, love and stand that Nicky makes for each of us. If need to shift your mindset to step into the impossible, create a career that reflects and embodies that, all wrapped up with spiritual mentorship, then this is the training for you.”

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