When Nicky speaks, she speaks from her heart. Immerse yourself in her meditations and practices, tune in to her teaching, and draw strength from the authentic path she walks every day.

Self Reflection

Creating Space for You

In this video I’m talking about the limiting concept of no time and space and how it’s not a reality. When life seems so full and everybody else is taking up the space in your life and the belief rolls around that there’s just no time! We can always have space and time and make it a priority. You really CAN create whatever you want.

Creativity And Life Force

Each one of us has our own expression, essence and authentic voice, made up of our individual life-force, coming from our personal stories and channelled through our hearts. When we don’t allow our creative voice to be expressed, we can feel stuck, blocked. When this energy shifts and begins to flow again, we come back to life.

Being Vulnerable

I’m a strong believer that our vulnerability is one of the most beautiful parts of who we are. The more we can show these parts, the more permission we give for others to be human. Learning how to embrace these parts of ourselves is an important step to feeling free, comfortable in our own skin and having heartfelt connections.

Meditations & Bodywork

The Inner Child Meditation

This meditation is about accessing self-love and compassion for your inner child. Care for the part within us that may be scared and feel unsafe, leading us to tighten up or act out. Use this meditation to feel heard, to connect with unconditional love for yourself.

Tuning Into You

This meditation is for helping you tune in to you. What do you need right now? What do you feel? What do you want? Start listening to your own body and your own self. Use the meditation as a tool to feel more grounded and more empowered in your life.

Foot Massage

In this video I take you through a full foot massage practice and teach you all about the meridian channels of energy running through our whole body. I show you a very powerful accupressure point for revitalising the entire body. A simple way to become your own healer!