How to Embody Your Warrior Woman

I remember being a little girl and not being at all that interested in barbies or fairy tales or princesses. What I loved was Wonder Woman. I remember her gold cuffs and her head band and more than anything her power.

The feeling that no matter what challenges were thrown at her she took them on fully and turned them into her own power. I remember seeing this at the age of 6 and knowing this is what I wanted to be. I truly believe that every single woman in this world has the Warrior Woman spirit within us. Sadly we get taught from a very young age that we may not be able to trust this, believe in this or own this. Maybe we were told the opposite, that we can’t trust ourselves, that we can’t be enough as we are, that we can’t show our truth and stand in our power in our lives whilst being loved and honoured and supported. For me, I have spent every single step and moment of the past few decades turning challenges into my strengths. Taking difficulties and using them to heal, grow, build more self-worth, gain more trust in my own abilities and learning more and more the value of me being my most authentic self in this world. And I have made it a great passion of mine to try and encourage this, teach this, enable this and empower this for every single woman I can come across. We may have been taught that being a Warrior Woman is about becoming tougher, harder, fighting more, maybe being more in control and pushing more to ‘get ahead’. But what I have learnt is that in fact all those ways of being come from places of more fear and lack which deep down are not empowering at all.

For me, being a Warrior Woman is knowing our worth, having the deepest trust both in ourselves and in life and in feeling deeply connected to our hearts and what we want to share, stand for and create in this life we get.

When we know our worth we do not need to fight or push or compete.

When we trust ourselves and in life we feel safe, we can soften, we can let things flow more.

When we are connected to our authentic truth and our hearts we have a deeper sense of purpose and will do whatever we can to make a stand for what we love and what we believe in.

Woman are the most powerful forces on the planet.

We literally create life within our own bodies.

And when we can reconnect to knowing this and encouraging it in each other I believe we can literally do anything!!

And more than that, we can heal anything and create more love and life. Which is really what is needed.

Here are my top 3 Steps for beginning to reconnect and embody your Inner Warrior Woman Spirit – that, by the way, has been there ALL ALONG!!

Step 1: Start Knowing, Seeing & Owning Your Worth

  • Every single day I want you to start your day listing all the amazing qualities you have. List your strengths, list your gifts, list your uniqueness, list your humanness. Just keep listing all the beautiful unique and wonderful things that make you YOU.
  • Every single night before you go to sleep finish your day with writing answers to these three questions:
    • What did I do well today?
    • What took a lot of courage?
    • What can I learn for next time?
  • Take one action every single day to honor the strength and beauty that is you. For example: Buy yourself flowers, moisturize your body with love and care, feed yourself amazing food, take yourself to your favourite exercise class, have a massage or facial or both!
  • Ask at least 1 friend who you trust and love to sit opposite you and tell you all the beautiful gifts they see and know in you that you contribute to their life. And your job is to sit there and receive it, listen, take it in and let it land in you!!!

Step 2: Recovering Trust – Trust in Yourself and Trust in Life

  • Write in your journal the answers to these questions:
    • How is my relationship with trusting myself at this present moment?
    • Do I, can I or have I given up on trusting myself?
    • What past experiences am I holding on to that I have not forgiven that I use as reasons why I can no longer trust myself?
  • List 3-5 experiences in your life so far when things have unfolded in a positive loving way that was not as you expected? Could this be a sign that you are being taken care of?
  • Spend 10-20min everyday sitting, breathing and meditating whilst you ask yourself these questions:
    • What do I need?
    • What do I feel?
    • Then write down the answers in your journal.
  • Now what actions can you take to honour what you hear?

Trust is something that needs to be earnt so the more we can honour what we here the more trust we can recover in ourselves.

Step 3: Reconnecting to You – Your Heart, Dreams, Possibilities

  • Write a list of all the things you used to love doing that made/makes your heart sing and soar? Then journal about how much these things are taking place in your life today. If they are not appearing much, journal on why and where they have gone.
  • If there were no limits and you had no fear – what would you dare yourself to allow yourself to dream of? Write in your journal some of your biggest dreams? Now….. try not to jump to ‘how would this happen’ just for now allow yourself to dream.
  • What things from the top list (that make your heart sing) can you do at least once this week?
  • Take yourself out on a date this week – just you with YOU! Take yourself somewhere that literally makes your heart sing. And spend the time allowing yourself to really enjoy it, play, love. Then journal about how this experience felt for you.
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