Shifting our External Reality from Within

With Regan Hillyer

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. I am honoured to have you here. This week’s guest is the extraordinary Regan Hillyer. Regan is a quantum transformation coach, an MLP Therapist, counsellor, entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist and an incredibly inspiring conscious human being as well as one of my mentors.

Regan challenges the conditioning which we identify with that is limiting our immense potential.  She just knows that who we are is infinite possibility. She teaches that when we are brave enough to go in and shift internally and expand our field to greater capacities, we are able to start receiving more than we’ve ever imagined.

Regan is THE most expansive human being I have ever had the honour to learn from.  She runs 15 businesses and brings in a revenue of multiple millions of dollars every year.  And I promise you this, she does it with the utmost ease, grace, relaxation and peace.  I am constantly learning from her about what abundance and service truly is.  She teaches me how to expand to these levels from the purest space of love and alignment more than anyone else.

Regan also uses this abundance to do infinite good in the world and is teaching me to do the same.

Regan and I dive into a very deep beautiful conversation about how much our ability to stay centered in an energetic, emotional storm is the key to unlocking our biggest gifts.  Can we be in that place of stillness while everything is spinning in perceived madness around us?


  • In trying to escape, fix, hide from the storm, instead of sitting with it in stillness, we create more suffering and disconnect from our power
  • 80% of creating our life is in our mindset, our energy and our frequency
  • How our unconscious conditioning can block our potential to grow and expand as our subconscious is programmed to keep us safe and alive
  • We speak about Regan’s journey and how her ability to listen to and act on her intuition has set her on the path of deep fulfilment, success and wealth
  • The power of trust and surrender when it’s time for us to follow our calling
  • 5 steps to begin shifting your internal reality about money to start creating the abundance that you desire