Racism Inside of Me and You

With Nicky Clinch

Welcome to a very special SOLO episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. I am honoured to have you here. In this week’s episode, I will be sharing my own journey of recognising and addressing the racism and oppression that lived inside of me for far too long. 

The racism that I had been directing towards my own brown skin without even being aware of it. 


This is such an important topic, and I understand that I could never possibly understand the full weight of the oppression and violence that BIPOC experience in the world every single day as a white-passing woman. 

However, I felt called to share my own story as a half-cast brown skinned woman and how  my own whiteness and privilege had blinded my own view.  That the work in healing racism and oppression in our world begins when we are willing to look deep inside of our own selves.

If we are going to heal our planet, let it begin with you and me. 

Racism is a symptom of trauma. A symptom of the parts within ourselves that have been conditioned to reject and separate by white patriarchy. And it is insidiously present within any one of us that gets to live in this world as a ‘chosen one’. 

It’s not just someone putting a knee on the neck of a black man. It’s how we see and think of ourselves and others.

It’s the conditioning within us that teaches us that those of privilege, those who can get away with atrocious acts without consequences, are the chosen ones.

It’s a symptom of the condition that has caused us to behave and try and prove that we are better than another, but it’s not who we are. If we are going to heal the separation and the oppression on this planet, we must heal how we are turning that oppression on ourselves first so we no longer  project it into the world.

This week’s message is incredibly powerful and so necessary right now to discuss, as uncomfortable as it can be, the work to undo and heal racism in the world starts with you and me. 

I hope this podcast can be a stepping stone on your road to transformation and healing so that you can bring that energy into the world to heal the collective. 

I would be so grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes, and we can share this message of healing and wholeness with as many people as possible. 



  • You will learn to identify how you might subconsciously be harbouring racist or oppressive thoughts towards yourself or others.
  • How racism is a symptom of the trauma and white ancestral pain and how it took hold in this world to create more separation than ever.
  • I discuss my journey and awakening to the realisation that I and my ancestors had been racist against our own brown skin and how I worked on healing from that trauma wound of my mother’s oppression.
  • The tools I have been using to educate myself more on the systematic oppression of people of colour and why being an ally is not enough.
  • How ancestral wounds can affect your life and where to start to heal.
  • The ways you can hold space for yourself and create a compassionate experience as you work through these feelings.
  • How to bring healing, awareness, and radical responsibility to those areas of racism and oppression within yourself so that you may participate in the healing of separation in the world.