Surrender Podcast Series - How Death Transformed

How death transformed my relationship to life & immense possibility

With Nathaniel Solace

Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery podcast and our Surrender series where I dive deeply into my guests’ greatest points of surrender.

This week I am joined by Nathaniel Solace. Nathaniel is a leadership coach and transformation coach and he is just a really wise and smart, powerful being. Nathaniel’s mission is ‘to bring simple, tangible and empowering methods to the masses for engaging with the most fundamental and fulfilling aspects of life so that every human can naturally live their greatest purpose’.

In this episode Nathaniel talks about how he surrendered to the cards he had been dealt and his commitment and dedication to his own maturation. Nathaniel shares his story of being adopted and the death of his mother and how the trauma he went through has made him the coach he is today.

In this conversation Nathaniel shares with me how he came to realise that the only thing he was afraid of was how uncomfortable he was in his body and that all healing is on the other side of being uncomfortable, which requires surrender.

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  • Everything we live through can be an opportunity for us to be able to use it purposefully.
  • We are all in a process of growing, we are either stuck or we’re growing. It is human nature that we will find a way to grow.
  • In every single present moment we really don’t know what will be unfolding next. The thing that blocks us from the magic of that is the mind and the stories.
  • If you don’t have a relationship with death it impacts your relationship with life.
  • Childhood experiences shape the creation and birthing of the characters that become who we are.
  • To just be with ‘what is’ is the doorway to surrender.
  • Real freedom is to be human and to be able to be with our story but not have it live us.