Healing Blocks to Intimacy

With Nicky Clinch

This week I am sharing a peek behind the curtain at one of the most transformative coaching sessions I have had the pleasure to facilitate. My lovely client Sarah came to me struggling with creating and maintaining relationships. She was always able to connect with people initially and be that fun and sparkly person others loved to be around. However, when people tried to move beyond the surface and develop meaningful relationships, she pushed them away.

In this session, we get to the root of Sarah’s issues and why she is so afraid to be her authentic self with others. Being vulnerable and open requires a great deal of courage, and when you have experiences in your past where you’ve been rejected, it can lead you to put a wall up. 

The truth is that without vulnerability, real relationships can’t form.  Vulnerability is showing up as your flawed and wounded self, still knowing that you are entirely worthy of affection and love.  It’s what takes relationships beyond the surface level and builds a sense of trust between two people and relationships can’t thrive without it.

Letting people in puts us in a scary position, and that is why Sarah pulls back when she feels people are getting too close to seeing her authentic self. It requires a great deal of bravery because pain and rejection in relationships are inevitable, but it’s a part of being human. 

In this episode, we talk about the importance of leading with your heart, having immense courage and embracing vulnerability as a necessary and beautiful part of relationships. 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode and holding space for Sarah to step into her power. This work is never easy, but it is so incredibly worth it.

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  • Why we fear vulnerability and how to approach relationships with courage and authenticity.  
  • While there are people in this world who will reject you when you reveal your true self,  it says more about them than you. 
  • We can’t heal something that we can’t see or aren’t aware of and how that awareness can help you heal and dissolve the pain. 
  • Why meaningful relationships require us to let down our walls and let other people in, even when it’s terrifying, and we fear rejection. 
  • The risk of friendship and intimacy is to reveal your true self with all of your flaws and scars and wounded inner child pain and allow others to see you fully. 
  • Why the vulnerability we try desperately to avoid is the key to successful relationships.