Break Free of Any Addiction

With Dr Gabor Maté

Welcome to an extraordinary episode of the Soul Surgery Podcast. I am joined this week for a powerful soul-filled conversation with the incredible Dr Gabor Maté. He is a world-renowned speaker and bestselling author and is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress, and childhood development.

Gabor does not merely offer quick-fix solutions to these complex issues. Instead of offering quick-fix solutions to these types of complex problems, he instead offers his insights and experience to present a broad perspective that enlightens and empowers people to heal themselves. 

In this episode, we speak about how childhood trauma is at the root of all addictive behaviours and how you can heal yourself of addiction by addressing the underlying trauma. 

As a recovered addict myself, it never sat well with me this narrative of “once an addict always an addict,” and I was lucky enough to have a therapist who encouraged me to explore this feeling deeper. Gabor and I bonded over our shared belief that addiction isn’t a life sentence that we have to carry with us forever. We can heal it. 

Through his years of research, Gabor discovered and saw very clearly that at the root of every single addict he’d ever met was childhood trauma and emotional pain. 

We dive deep into these roots of addiction and how addicts are not just people who use heroin or abuse alcohol. Addiction is rifled through our western living today, and we discuss how to heal the world from this collective disconnect we must first heal ourselves. 

Thank you so much for listening to this profoundly insightful episode that I had the pleasure of recording alongside my dear friend Dr Gabor Maté. 

I hope that this message helps you break free from the stigma surrounding addiction and allows you to bring a bit more compassion into your healing. Addiction does not have to be a lifelong struggle, and I hope this episode has allowed you to see that. 

Nobody is above addiction, and nobody is safe from its grasp as long as unhealed trauma is present within us.

I would love to hear any aha moments you have had after listening to this episode. I adore it when you send me your breakthrough moments. It’s so exciting to hear how these episodes are changing lives. 

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  • How childhood trauma is at the root of all addiction and how that trauma changes our neural programming to shift our perception of the world. 
  • Learn what you are trying to gain or the emotions you are trying to manifest from addictive, and how you can healthily meet those needs.
  • Why addiction is not some disease of the “other,” and how it can show up in any of our lives regardless of social class or financial status. 
  • Why compassion must be the foundation for healing trauma and addiction. 
  • We discuss why trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside you as the result of what happens to you. 
  • How trauma impacts brain development and how to rewire your brain to heal for good. 
  • Why the classic addiction treatment model needs to shift towards focusing more intensely on healing trauma.
  • Why healing the planet must start with healing ourselves.