Sep 5, 2016
My favourites

What is the one thing we can all do when we need some serious pampering?When we don’t need to go anywhere, plan anything or even wear any clothes!Run the bath, light some candles and ‘me time’ has immediately begun.Well, this is the way I roll anyway!Being a mother to a toddler and running my own business, I can often get to a place when I’m desperate for some serious ‘me time’ and the one thing I know I can always turn to that doesn’t take much planning or effort, is get myself soaking in a long hot bath.I love it! As soon as the baby is asleep, I light those candles, burn some incense and get out my favourite pampering products.Usually, I’ll give myself a face mask or maybe a body scrub but my all time favourite product which always make the cut are my Neals Yard Lavender Bath Salts. Seriously, have any of you tried them? These beauties are a real treat.The smell alone is absolutely amazing and immediately gives a feeling of relaxation.The salts are such good quality and always leave my skin feeling so soft and me feeling unbelievably relaxed from the inside out. Everything in them is completely natural and will only give you and your body the best nature has to offer. Also having salts in the bath with you are the best way to replenish minerals into our system and also to help us and our energy feel much more grounded.Here are some of my other favourite pampering products that I’m loving using right now:Neal’s Yard – Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil

The smell of this oil alone is totally incredible. You only need a few drops in the bath and it is such a great way to leave you feeling soothed and relaxed. This product is particularly great for replenishing and balancing our system helping us feeling restored when we’re done.Ren – Invisible Pores Detox Mask

This is such an amazing face mask. Perfect for detoxing our facial pores after a long hard day which will leave you feeling soft, smooth and really hydrated. All natural and beautifully made. A little on the pricey side but you only need such a small amount each time you use it that mine has lasted for many months since buying.Frank Body – Cacao Body Scrub

This is such an interesting and fun body scrub to use plus it’s filled with some really amazing ingredients. Coffe beans, Cacao, Almond Oil and Macadamia oil this scrub will leave your skin so soft and you smelling like the most amazing coffee chocolate cake you’ve ever eaten!Jasons – Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Once I’m done soaking this is my favourite body cream to use before I get into my pj’s. My husband always tells me it makes me smell like cookies, which being a foodie myself doesn’t surprise me that it’s one of my favourites! A wonderful mixture of cocoa butter, seed butter, aloe, water and flower extracts this body cream is always a winner for my everyday skin care.So next time you want treat yourself and ensure you get the pampering you deserve, treat yourself to some of the Neals Yard Lavender Bath Salts and soak away in luxury.

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