Oct 10, 2016
My favourites

I first met Kara Rosen a few years ago when my friend (and now manager Jess) invited her as a guest to my first Evening of Natural Fine Dining Supper Club.

It was the first evening like that I had ever hosted and I was both excited and nervous to showcase my foods. I instantly connected with Kara when we met.  She was this incredibly kind, friendly, authentic inspiring mother to a young one that was building her dreams – and instantly we hit it off.

From that day, Kara has been a constant support for me and my work as I have been for her amazing brand Plenish.  She has been front and centre at all my Supper Clubs and events and her presence is something I am always grateful for. Her passion and drive is incredibly inspiring but more so to me as she does it all with such heart, grace and authenticity.  And I can honestly say her juices are by far the best I have ever tried!

 So, it is with great love and pleasure to share this inspiring woman with you today.  I hope you enjoy it!

1. Scene setting – Where are you right now?

I’m in a great place at the moment. After a pretty intense 5 years of having a child and starting Plenish, I am getting back to breathing deeply, unplugging when I feel exhaustion coming on and making sure I spend as much time taking care of me as I do my family and business!

2. What was the trigger that inspired you to give up your old life and create a new one?

I had overcome health issues over a decade before using a mostly plant based diet. Lots of fresh vegetables is a keep to me feeling sharp and juicing became a very easy way for me to press in over 1kg of produce before I left the house in the morning. I was frustrated that I couldn’t buy the kind of juices and nut milks that I drew to depend on in the shops. I was on maternity leave and had more time to think about what I was passionate about – the impetus to start a business like Plenish. 

3. What does empowered eating mean to you?

Eating of a purpose. Having learnt which foods not only taste delicious to me, but make me feel good and strong has been an amazing journey. Knowing that you can play a big part in fuelling how you want to feel (energetic, mellow, nourished) by choosing different foods is very powerful knowledge and empowers me. It’s an extra boost of confidence when you know you have a big week ahead.

4. Not only are you the Founder of Plenish but also a Mum! How do you manage to do it all?

I have been saying the same mantra to myself since exam time at University – “It all gets done, it always does”. Focusing on decisions that matter rather than just being busy, helps me to prioritise my day. All of the things you want to accomplish each day don’t always happen exactly when you want them to, but they do get done. So lists with bigger priorities on top always help keep me focused.

5. What is the next act of self care you need to do to help keep you in balance?

Seeing the dermatologist for my annual check.

6. What’s next?

Dreaming bigger, running further, hugging longer and pressing on!

7. What is your ultimate vision for Plenish? Don’t hold back!

We want to fuel the ambition of more people in more ways through improving the level and accessibility of organic, natural products. Staying true to our organic, high integrity foods – we want to keep innovating and making products that make people feel great and help inspire and enable them to achieve their dreams. To follow Plenish and give them some love, click below:


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